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1) Project on Environmental Quality of International Water Courses Natural Reserves

The goal of this action is to develop and implement actions towards the maintenance and improvement of the conservation of the Trancoso and Laboreiro rivers, with a view to its recognition and declaration as an international water course natural reserve.

2) Common Integrated Water Resources Management Document between Portugal and Spain

This action will elaborate a common document between Portugal and Spain, integrating the main outcomes of the National Hydrologic Plans of each country, as a way to contribute to the implementation of environmental goals set out by the EU Water Framework Directive.

3) Drought Warning and Management System

This action seeks to conceptualize a Drought Warning and Management System, which will provide users with a tool to foresee the potential effects of drought events so that they can implement mitigation measures in order to minimize the consequences and impacts of such phenomena.

Progress reports:


The first action was listed as "In Progress" in the 2013 report, while the second action was listed as "Neither Completed nor In Progress". Both Portugal and Spain have been delayed in finishing the first generation Hydrographic Regions plans according to the EU Water Framework Directive, making it difficult to fully integrate Water Resources Management on Environmental Quality. The third action was not reported on in 2013.


To be submitted.

Challenges and lessons learned:

Portugal noted improved knowledge exchange and experiences on shared water resources management via cooperation with partners as a major benefit of the first action. The report also stated that by creating the first international river nature reserve in Europe, Portugal hoped to replicate this model in other international river basins, with the aim of encouraging the improvement of the ecological conditions of water resources across Europe.

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