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1) Upgrade existing nationwide water monitoring networks in Italy

The goal of this action is to establish and/or upgrade existing nationwide monitoring networks, based on a set of indicators for water quality and the quantity of surface water and groundwater bodies, in order to evaluate the effectiveness of water management policy and guide further decision-making on possible setting or revision of water targets.

2) Define and monitor environmental flow in the Po River Basin district and Arno River Basin

The Po River Basin Authority is preparing a “Water resources balance plan”, implementing a specific measure of the Po River Basin Management Plan, published in February 2010, which sets out the following objectives: ensuring an adequate availability of water resources at river basin scale to fulfill environmental needs and to support water demands from the different users, and designing measures and actions for a sustainable use of water resources.

3) Improve utilization of water resources in the agricultural sector in the Po River Basin district

The Po River Authority is preparing the Water Balance Plan at River Basin level as one of the measures planned in the River Basin Management Plan adopted in 2010. In the Water Balance Plan, the Po River Authority is identifying specific actions concerning water use in agriculture, aimed at: the adoption of a “Water Resources Conservation Plan” in order to improve management of local water demand; the development of adaptation strategies to climate change in the agricultural sector; and the evaluation and improvement of water volume metering and payment systems in the agricultural sector.

Progress reports:


All three actions are listed as "In Progress" in the 2013 report. Good progress is being made by most of Italy's regions in establishing new monitoring networks, as set out in the first action. The second action has seen a marked increase in public participation, resulting from numerous large-scale forums, regional meetings, and technical focus groups with stakeholders. The reports and results of a Focus Group for the third action are being used by the Po River Authority to design guidelines for the preparation of Water Resources Conservation Plans.


To be submitted.

Challenges and lessons learned:

Italy described challenges in training staff to perform water monitoring in accordance with new methodologies, funding new programs, dealing with conflicts among shareholders on water uses and identifying possible shared solutions, and identifying water use priorities among different sectors during times of drought.

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