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1) Development of Climate-resilient Flood and Flash-Flood Management Practices to Protect Vulnerable Communities of Georgia

Georgia is implementing water-related disaster risk management projects and actions in the basin of the largest river in Western Georgia, the Rioni, and its tributaries. The action is directed at dealing with frequent floods and flash-floods, as well as consequent landslides and mud-streams. The action is to be implemented under a project submitted to the Adaptation Fund in 2012-2015, tentatively.

2) Enhanced Preparedness of Georgia against Extreme Weather Events

Georgia committed to an action to mitigate the negative impacts of extreme weather events on the population, and on public and private property in Georgia. New automatic meteorological hydrological stations (gauges) are to be installed, and the first automatic system of processing meteorological and hydrological data in Georgia is to be developed. The project is to be realized in 2011-2014, tentatively.

3) National Policy Dialogue on Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM)

Georgia, with the support of the UNECE, is conducting a National Policy Dialogue (NPD) to integrate the principles of sustainable development into country policies, according to Millennium Development Goals (MDG 7, Target 10) to decrease by half the proportion of people without sustainable access to safe drinking water and basic sanitation by 2015. The NPD is to be conducted in 2011-2012.

Progress reports:


All three actions are listed as "In Progress" as of the 2013 report. Appropriate staff have been hired and the implementation of programs has begun for the first action, the hydrological portion of the second action has been completed, and eight target areas have been defined for the third action, and the project proposals for these targets have been developed and approved.


To be submitted.

Challenges and lessons learned:

The 2013 progress report mentions lengthy processes for selecting experts and procuring appropriate technology for Georgia's flood mitigation projects. In relation to their second action, Georgia also experienced difficulties with training and with certain software that did not work properly. Finally, limited capacity was mentioned as a challenge in the implementation of the third action.

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