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1) Promoting the efficiency of water use in production and consumption

Under this action, Finland will investigate the use of water labeling and water footprints, to be used in increasing the water efficiency in production, consumption and in international trade in connection to the Resource-efficient Europe initiative under the Europe 2020 Strategy and the "Blueprint to safeguard Europe's Waters" assessment.

2) Promoting the national policy dialogues on integrated water resources management (IWRM) and Water Supply and Sanitation (WSS) in Eastern Europe, Caucasus and Central Asian (EECCA) countries; Support the pilot project on climate change adaptation in transboundary basins of the EECCA countries

National Policy Dialogues (NPD) are the main operational instrument to implement Finland's water sector support in the EECCA countries under the Wider Europe Initiative (FinWaterWEI). The NPD processes in EECCA countries are still in progress and need international support. Finland will continue to support the future pilot projects aimed at promoting cooperation on adaptation to climate change under the UNECE Water Convention in EECCA countries.

3) Promoting IWRM, especially climate change adaptation and vulnerability assessments

Finland plans to establish Flood Risk maps and Flood Risk Management Plans and update River Basin Management Plans by the end 2015. These will support climate change adaptation measures and will also restore activities of hydro-morphologically altered rivers. Finland will also continue the development of the national warning system for natural disasters. Additionally, public water and wastewater works will prepare and update their contingency plans, which will become obligatory after the amendment of the Act of Water Services.

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