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Improvement of the hydro-morphological situation and ecological status of surface waters

Estonia has begun to improve the ecological conditions of its surface waters by adopting relevant governmental programmes for the time period from 2009 through 2013. The primary focus of these programmes is on rivers with potential migratory fishes such as wild Salmon. Suitable fishways and other rehabilitation measures have been planned and some were already under construction at the time of Estonia's commitment to this action.

Progress reports:


This report listed the above action as "In Progress". Estonia noted that the pollution of water bodies resulting from waste water and industry was greatly decreased between 1992 and 2010.

Salmon rivers are of special importance in the country, and an investment fund exists whereby the costs of local projects that encourage salmon migration, spawning, and increased populations can be refunded.

Estonia also mentioned the recent classifications of its surface water bodies, including 52% of surface water bodies in "good" condition, and 20% with "good potential".


To be reported.

Challenges and lessons learned:

Estonia's 2013 report listed the action of improving the status of surface waters as a challenge in and of itself, due to the complexities of planning and funding projects. As their action is progressing, Estonia is learning that the time span from initial planning stages to final results is quite lengthy, and that proper planning is essential.

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