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Republic of Croatia


1) Development of a River Basin Management Plan (RBMP)

Since the Republic of Croatia is a new member to the EU, Croatia was obliged to develop a RBMP as a condition of membership. This first action has a goal of finalizing the Plan, taking into consideration the recommendations and objections given through the public discussions and stakeholders meetings that have previously been held.

2) Implementation Plan for water utility directives (Drinking Water Directive (98/83/EC) and Urban Waste Water Treatment Directive (91/271/EEC))

One of the main measures from the RBMP is an Implementation Plan for water utility directives. Croatia hopes to achieve this technically and financially demanding Implementation Plan befrore the end of the 2023.

3) Introduction of “recovery of costs for water services” principle

Based on the Water Act, the Council for Water Services was established in order to, inter alia, assure the legacy of prices for water services. Due to the large number of small utilities, the rationalization and merger into larger utilities is expected (the service area will consist of one or more present water supply systems and/or agglomerations). The Government of the Republic of Croatia hopes that this action will result in the adoption of the Regulation on establishment of service areas by the end of 2011.

Progress reports:


The first action has been listed as "In Progress". The 2013 report indicated that the RBMP is expected to be adopted in the Republic of Croatia upon the country's accession into the EU. The second and third actions were not specifically discussed in this progress report. The report did mention, however, that the Republic of Croatia is currently involved in transboundary consultations with neighboring countries regarding the Espoo Convention.


To be submitted.

Challenges and lessons learned:

The 2013 report lists a lack of data and gaps in data as significant barriers, as well as the difficulty of bringing together all stakeholders to negotiate a workable and sustainable way forward.

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