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Adoption of the Sava River Basin Management Plan, Programme of Measures

Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) is a member of The International Sava River Basin Commision (ISRBC), which is a coordinating platform to compile basin-wide issues of the Sava River Basin Management Plan (RBMP). The overall objective of the Sava RBMP preparation is to facilitate the approximation to the EU environmental acquis, especially in the field of water management.  BiH will develop water management plans at the national level which will be in complience with the above mentioned acquis. It is assumed that the Sava RBM Plan will be adopted by the Parties by the end of 2012, upon proposal of the ISRBC.

Progress reports:


This action is listed as "In Progress", as of the 2013 report. A draft of the Sava RBMP has been developed, and a public consultation period has also taken place. The adoption of the Plan has yet to be finalized, but it is expected to be adopted soon.

Additionally, BiH is developing national RBMPs in accordance with national legislation and the EU Water Framework Directive.


To be reported.

Challenges and lessons learned:

The 2013 report cited a lack of capacities as a primary challenge, and also noted that it is generally difficult to effect transboundary RBMPs if the measures are not coordinated and implemented on a similar timeline in all countries involved.

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