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1) Ambitious urban waste water treatment and drinking water supply nationwide in place

Centralized networks for urban waste water collection and treatment, as well as drinking water supply, are already established for all agglomerations in Austria, based on stringent pollution reduction targets. Future efforts via this action will focus on maintaining and upgrading these systems.

2) Implementation of IWRM; Improvement of ecosystems by restoration of river continuity and habitat connectivity

As ambitious waste water treatment (including removal of nutrients) is in place throughout the entire Austrian territory, the water quality of rivers in Austria is in general good; the primary remaining challenge is to improve aquatic ecosystems by restoring longitudinal and lateral connectivity of river habitats. An action program is implemented according to a three step time table until 2015/2021/2027, based on an ecological prioritization approach.

3) Enhancement of renewable energy production - Refurbishment program for small hydro power plants

The Refurbishment Program aims at two objectives: to increase the hydro power production of small hydroelectric power plants and at the same time to adapt them to stringent environmental standards.

Progress reports:


These actions were listed as "Completed" in the 2013 report. Significant detail and data are provided in the report regarding how these actions were accomplished in accordance with particular national directives and legislation.


To be reported.

Challenges and lessons learned:

Austria noted that it was difficult to enhance the country's hydropower generation in order to meet the requirements of the European Renewable Energy Directive without compromising the good ecological status of water bodies. Restricted financial resources also proved a challenge in accomplishing these three actions. 

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