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Fourth reporting exercise under the Protocol on Water and Health

The fourth reporting cycle under the Protocol on Water and Health took place in the first half of 2019. The results of the reporting exercise will be reviewed at the 5th session of the Meeting of the Parties to the Protocol (Belgrade, 19-21 November 2019).

Document titleENGFRERUS
Template for summary reports under the Protocol on Water and HealthDOCDOCDOC
Guidelines for summary reports in accordance with article 7 of the Protocol on Water and HealthPDFPDFPDF
Background documents
Regional report on the status of implementation of the Protocol
Report of the Compliance Committee to the Meeting of the Parties to the Protocol on Water and Health
Summary reportENGFRERUS
Country                              Date submitted
Albania24 April 2019PDF--
Andorra6 August 2019-PDF-
Armenia2 May 2019PDF--
Azerbaijan22 April 2019PDF-PDF
Belarus23 April 2019PDF-PDF
Belgium25 June 2019PDF--
Bosnia and Herzegovina23 April 2019PDF--
Croatia24 April 2019PDF--
Czech Republic12 April 2019PDF--
Estonia23 April 2019PDF--
Finland18 April 2019PDF--
France15 May 2019PDFPDF-
Georgia22 May 2019PDF--
Germany18 April 2019PDF--
Hungary26 April 2019PDF--
Israel21 April 2019PDF--
Latvia3 May 2019PDF--
Lithuania24 April 2019PDF--
Luxembourg23 April 2019PDFPDF-
Malta16 April 2019PDF--
Moldova7 May 2019PDF--
Netherlands18 April 2019PDF--
Norway23 April 2019PDF--
Portugal24 April 2019PDF--
Romania11 April 2019PDF--
Russia4 April 2019PDF-PDF
Serbia15 May 2019PDF--
Slovakia3 May 2019PDF--
Slovenia22 May 2019PDF--
Spain23 April 2019PDF--
Switzerland10 May 2019PDF--
Ukraine24 April 2019PDF--
Uzbekistan20 April 2019PDF-PDF