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First meeting of the Expert Group

22 - 23 October 2010

Almaty, Kazakhstan

The Second Meeting of the Working Group on Institutional and Legal Strengthening and the Development of Aral Sea Basin Programme - 3 in April 2010 favored a step-by-step approach to institutional and legal strengthening of the International Fund for saving the Aral Sea (IFAS). The Working Group decided further to establish an Expert Group (composed of two representatives per country) to draft the amendments to existing statutory documents of IFAS.

The Expert Group was established in August 2010 and had its first meeting on 22-23 October 2010 in Almaty. Delegations engaged in an in-depth discussion on the need and possible directions of strengthening the legal framework of IFAS. A work programme of the Expert Group was developed. According to the work program, a questionnaire on the main directions and content of the legal strengthening prepared by the international consultant was circulated to IFAS member countries in November 2010. After receiving the answers, a set of proposals on the improvement of the legal basis of IFAS will be developed. The next meeting of the Expert Group is planned for March 2011.

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International legal framework for an institutional cooperation mechanism on the management and use of transboundary water resources in the Aral Sea basin, Sergei Vinogradov