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SEA Manual (2004-2008)

Activities under the Espoo Convention and its Protocol on SEA
(period between 3rd and 4th Meetings of the Parties, 2004-2008)

Production of a capacity development manual, & provision of training, to support implementation of the SEA Protocol

The draft final consultation manual is available here.

See more recent related activities for the period between the 4th and 5th meetings of the Parties (2008-2011).

Sub-activity Results

Drafting of manual (slides, notes for speakers, case studies and background documents) in English and Russian.

Activity started autumn 2004.

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Presentation to the second meeting of Signatories, 25-26 April 2005 ENG

Subregional workshops to review the draft manual with EC Member States, countries of South-East Europe and selected EECCA countries.

Photograph courtesy of REC Caucasus  

Review workshop in Tbilisi

First meeting with EC Member States and others, on 2 December 2004 in Brussels, to review the overall approach, the results of the EECCA capacity-building needs analyses and selected modules.

Second meeting with countries of South-East Europe, on 21-22 February 2005 in Szentendre (Hungary), to review the above items plus further modules.

Third meeting for the Caucasus (Armenia, Azerbaijan & Georgia), on 21-22 April 2005 in Tbilisi, to review the above items plus further modules.

Review by the nternational Association for Impact Assessment Conference on SEA, 27-30 September 2005, Prague.


Drafting and editing of the final first, electronic edition of the manual in English, French and Russian.

In addition, preparation of modules on:

  • Transboundary consultations under article 10 of the Protocol;
  • Health issues within SEA.

A small editorial group, comprising Austria, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, the European Commission and UNDP/RBEC, has assisted the REC-CEE and the secretariat in revising the draft manual.

Draft final manual, including a chapter/annex on health.