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“UNECE on Energy” What are the last trends in terms of energy security and energy efficiency in the UNECE region?  What about a European Energy Union? What role will natural gas and renewable energies play in the foreseeable future? What are the trends regarding electric vehicles on our roads? Oleg Dzioubinski, UNECE Economic Affairs Officer for Energy Efficiency is interviewed by Dukascopy TV about Energy issues  (Interview in English and in Russian) (Also available on Youtube in English and in Russian)
6 May 2015

Smart Cities: Scott Foster was interviewed on the BBC Click programme regarding Smart Cities.  Since 70% of the 9 billion people on earth in 2050 will be living in cities, the challenges of sustainable urban development must be addressed.  Part of the solution could well be Smart Cities that integrate urban planning, architectural design, ICT and energy management to improve energy efficiency, reduce environmental pollution, provide innovative economically viable means to absorb urban growth including in LDCs, and enhance living conditions. Link to audio presentation.

Sustainable energy concepts: Scott Foster explains the underlying concepts of sustainable energy and provides examples of UNECE's work in the field. Link to video presentation.

UNFC: Michael Lynch-Bell, Chair of UNECE's Expert Group on Resource Classification, explains what the UNFC does and which players in the economy will be using the classification system. Link to video presentation.
Scott Foster explains how UNECE's work on resource classification fits with the UN's mandate of securing affordable and sustainable energy supply.  Link to video presentation.

UNECE and natural gas: Scott Foster, Director of UNECE's Sustainable Energy Division, explains the role and mission of the Division. He highlights the critical role that natural gas can play on the path to a sustainable energy future. Link to video presentation.Alexander Karasevich, Chairman, UNECE Working Party on Gas, Director General, OJSC "Gazprom Promgaz", explains how the Working Party on Gas works (in Russian). Link to video presentation. Gheorghe Radu, Vice Chairman, UNECE Working Party on Gas, Director, Investment and Technical Division, Romgaz, explains why the group launched a study on Underground Gas Storage (UGS) in Europe and Central Asia. Link to video presentation.

No sustainable development without sustainable energy:  At the high-level Panel on Energy in the Post-2015 Agenda during the Vienna Energy Forum on 28 May 2013, Mr. Sven Alkalaj, Executive Secretary of UNECE, emphasized the need to provide secure, affordable and sustainable energy. Link to article "UNECE participates in Vienna Energy Forum 2013" (UNECE Weekly 532, 3-7 June 2013). Link to Statement by Mr. Sven Alkalaj.