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Ukraine Decision V/9m

DocumentStatusDate received or posted by the Secretariat
Decision V/9m of the Meeting of the Parties on compliance by Ukraine with its obligations under the Convention (ECE/MP.PP/2014/2/Add.1)  ENG FRE RUSAdopted by the Meeting of the Parties at its 5th session02.07.2014

Cover letter
Progress report RUS ENG

From the Party concerned09.12.2014
Update on status of draft legislationFrom the communicant of communication ACCC/C/2004/323.06.2015
Email seeking update on draft legislation from the Party concernedFrom the secretariat24.06.2015
Update on draft legislation
Attachment 1: Draft EIA law (ENG)
Attachment 2: Draft SEA law (ENG)
From the Party concerned26.06.2015
Update attaching draft EIA law (ENG) and draft SEA law (ENG)
From the Party concerned02.10.2015
Letter from the UNECE Executive Secretary to the Ambassador of Ukraine regarding the implementation of decision V/9m 
Annex 1: Letter to Mr. Yatsenyuk, Prime Minister of Ukraine
Annex 2: Letter to Mr. Groysman, Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine
Annex 3: Letter to Ms. Herashchenko, Chair of the Parliamentary Committee on issues of European integration
From the secretariat 20.01.2016
Letter to the Party concerned regarding the open session on decision V/9m at the Compliance Committee's 52nd meetingFrom the secretariat08.04.2016
Cover letter UKR ENG
Annex 1: Draft EIA law (ENG)
Annex 2: Draft EIA law in track changes (ENG)
From the Party concerned12.04.2016 (dated 11.04.2016)
Update on draft legislationFrom the Party concerned20.06.2016

Cover letter

Annex 1: vetoed SEA Law (ENG)
Annex 2: vetoed EIA law (ENG)
Annex 3: commentary on EIA and SEA laws (ENG)

From the Party concerned23.11.2016


Annex 1: Proposals of the President on the EIA law, dated 31.10.2016 (ENG)
Annex 2: Proposals of the President on the SEA law, dated 31.10.2016 (ENG)
Annex 3: Table with the analysis of the proposals, dated 31.10.2016 (ENG)

From the communicant of communication ACCC/C/2004/308.12.2016
Letter to the Party concerned enclosing Committee's progress reviewFrom the Executive Secretary23.01.2017
Letter in response to invitation for open session at Committee's fifty-sixth meetingFrom the Party concerned21.02.2017
Statement at the Committee's 56th meetingFrom the communicant of communication ACCC/C/2004/0328.02.2017
Email updateFrom the Party concerned15.06.2017
Comments on email updateFrom the communicant of communication ACCC/C/2004/315.06.2017
EIA law, as adopted UKR ENG ENG with track changesFrom the Party concerned22.06.2017
Email to communicant of communication ACCC/C/2013/87 inviting his input to the Committee's examinationFrom the secretariat25.06.2017
Comments on the extent to which the Party concerned's measures to implement decision V/9m address the general issues raised in communication ACCC/C/2013/87From the communicant of communication ACCC/C/2013/8728.06.2017
Report to the Meeting of the Parties on compliance by Ukraine with its obligations under the Convention (ECE/MP.PP/2017/45) ENG FRE RUS31.07.2017