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1) Improvement of water resources quality by reducing nutrients discharges into water bodies

The first action aims to reduce over the long term the discharge of nutrients into water courses leading to the Danube River and Black Sea through integrated land and water management; to promote behavior change through strengthened institutional and regulatory capacity and demonstrated commune-based actions and, hence, support the Government of Romania in meeting the EU requirements in the field of water protection.

2) Implementation of the provisions of the bilateral transboundary waters agreement

The second action has a goal of further implementing the provisions of the Agreement between the Government of Romania and the Government of the Republic of Moldova on cooperation for the protection and sustainable use of the Prut and Danube rivers, signed in 2010. Among other results, this action hopes to develop technical regulations (i.e., on protection against floods) and upgrade the 1985 Regulation on the maintenance and operation of the Hydrotechnic Knot Stanca-Costesti on the Prut river.

Progress reports:


As of the first reporting cycle in 2013, both of these actions are listed as “In Progress”. Romania has been working toward the completion of the first action by investing in Nitrate Vulnerable Zones (NVZ) at the commune level, including investing in manure storage and management systems and planting protection tree belts. The country is also strengthening institutional capacity by offering trainings in chemical monitoring and on the Nitrates Directive, among other methods of support. Finally, Romania has instituted a national action plan that will promote public awareness of the project and involvement with it via public events, workshops, and the distribution of materials.

Romania is working with the Republic of Moldova on the second action, and the Intergovernmental Hydrotechnic Commission (IHC) and its ad-hoc Subcommission are actively working to implement the 2010 Agreement.


To be reported.

Challenges and lessons learned:

Romania noted in its progress report that financial limitations are the primary sources of difficulty when it comes to the implementation of these two actions, both in Romania and in its partnership with the Republic of Moldova. For both actions, cooperation between governments, organizations, and citizens was cited as the main area where improvements could be made in the future. The awareness and involvement of farmers is particularly important for the first action, and so Romania plans to improve and continue its Public Awareness Campaign to further its progress and long-term success.

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