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1) German-Croatian Partnership for the establishment of the ‘Training and Competence Centre Karlovac – TCC Karlovac’

This German-Croatian project contributes to capacity building in the Croatian water and waste water sector. The recent EU entry of Croatia required the modernization and new construction of pipe and sewage infrastructure in order to reach EU standards. Through the cooperation between German companies, the Karlovac water utility and polytechnical university, the TCC Karlovac will address the present lack of qualified staff through trainings and the development of curricula and material.

2) Climate Change adaptation strategy for the Danube River Basin

This action seeks to set the foundations for a basin-wide climate change adaptation strategy by a) compiling the existing data and results from various national and regional research projects, b) analyzing the findings with regard to common agreements, overlaps, gaps and contradictions, c) identifying requirements for adaptation and d) suggesting a basin wide strategy until 30/11/2011.

3) Regional Dialogue on transboundary water resources management in Southeastern Europe

The Regional Dialogue Process under the Petersberg Phase II/Athens Declaration Process started in December 2008 with a high-level round table in Berlin where themes and priorities were identified. In December 2011, a similar roundtable will take place in Zagreb, Croatia, with the support of the German Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety. Activities will mainly be focused on targeted capacity building workshops and facilitating transboundary multistakeholder river basin dialogues for the following two years.

Progress reports:


The first action was listed as "In Progress", while the second and third action were listed as "Completed". Training courses for the first action took place from Autumn 2011 through Spring 2012, with further intensive trainings taking place in June 2012 and a workshop having been held in November 2012.

The second action was elaborated and completed by Professor Mauser and his team from the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universitaet in Munich. The detailed results of Professor Mauser's study, as well as information regarding the implementation and success of the third action, can be found in the links to the full progress reports at the bottom of this page.


To be submitted.

Challenges and lessons learned:

While differences in national standards and experiences proved a difficulty in the completion of the first action, Germany's report lauded multistakeholder initiatives like the third action for their ability to facilitate cooperation among key international and national players in important focus areas. This type of cooperation on transboundary water resources management has also attracted the attention and interest of donors and beneficiary countries. 

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