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1) Promoting of the concept of integrated water management

The Czech Republic, as an EU Member State, implements the EU Water Framework Directive (WFD), which has been transposed into the Water Act 254/2001 Coll. on the national level. Some of the Czech Republic's actions in line with the EU WFD include the identification of protected areas, river continuity interruptions, and disconnected wetlands and floodplains and their restoration, enhancement, and protection. The process of promoting the WFD and integrated water management encompasses the participation of different sectors and institutions, as well as the public.

2) Water quality and quantity protection

As a part of the Czech Republic's actions under the EU WFD, the country is introducing legislatively embedded emissions and imissions pollution limits and requires regularly updated permissions for all water management measures that influence the quality and/or quantity of surface and ground waters. The country is also working to support water protection zones around water abstraction facilities and vulnerable zones with relevant action programmes for protection against nutrient pollution.

3) Water quality and quantity monitoring and assessment

In line with the WFD, the Czech Republic has developed and is implementing the Framework Monitoring Programme for surface and ground waters. The Programme includes the monitoring of the quantitative, qualitative, and ecological status of waters and the monitoring of reference ecological conditions.

4) Guarantee of minimum environmental water flow in streams

The Czech Republic has developed regulations for maintaining minimum river flows, which will be updated and legislatively embedded by the end of 2012.

5) Application of user-pays and polluter-pays principles

According to the Czech Water Act 254/2001 Coll., the withdrawl of surface and groundwater must be payed for, with a few exceptions for limited individual uses. Czech law stipulates fines for breaching the law regarding excessive surface or ground water pollution by legal or private persons.

6) Access to safe water supply and sanitation and its sustainable pricing

93,1% of Czech inhabitants are supplied safe drinking water from public supply systems and 81,9% of inhabitants are connected to public sanitation systems. The water supply and sanitation facilities are private and their services are duly charged, and current prices are affordable for public.

7) Climate change adaptation and IWRM

The Czech Republic is preparing a cross-sectional Strategy for climate change adaptation, part of which will be devoted to water issues. Concrete water-related adaptation measures will be part of water management plans and related programmes of measures developed in line with the EU WFD and the Flood Directive 2007/60/EC.

8) Transboundary cooperation and IWRM

The Czech Republic is Party to the UNECE Water Convention and its amendments, as well as to the Protocol on Water and Health. The country also has bilateral agreements with its neighbouring states regarding cooperation on transboundary waters and is a Party to the conventions on cooperation in the international river basins of the Elbe, Danube and Oder rivers. Other water-related topics (ecosystems, groundwater, sediments, climate change, flood protection, accident prevention, etc.) and sectors (navigation, hydropower, fisheries) have been integrated in the second EU WFD planning phase.

Progress reports:


Action 1 was listed as "Completed" and Actions 2 through 8 were listed as "In Progress" in the 2013 report. The Czech Republic plans to complete and approve the upcoming Government Order for Minimal Residual Flow determination for Action 4, to finish the preparations of the climate change adaptation strategy of Action 7 and implement said strategy, and to further cooperate with international commissions regarding Action 1's goal to promote the concept of integrated water management.


To be reported.

Challenges and lessons learned:

The Czech Republic noted only one major difficulty in pursuing these actions: Future progress of Action 5 will be slowed for the time being due to organizational restructuring and a significant decrease in the number of experienced inspectors available for monotoring and control work.

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