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Eighth session of the Meeting of the Parties to the Water Convention

10 - 12 October 2018

Astana, Kazakhstan

Learn more about the Water Convention


Date and time: Wednesday, 10 October, 1.30-2.45pm
Location: Astana EXPO Congress Center, Room n°2. Amu Darya
Languages: English, French, Russian and Spanish

The event aims to give an opportunity to countries from outside the UNECE region to learn more about the Water Convention, its legal and institutional framework, ask questions and raise possible concerns and thereby facilitate their participation in and contribution to the Meeting of the Parties. It will also enable them to have a discussion among themselves on common questions and challenges.

Plenary discussion (30 min)

Introduction (3 min)
Moderator: Mr Mahamat Alifa Moussa, Chad

The Water Convention: its provisions and obligations (10 min)
Mr Alistair Rieu Clarke, UNECE

Institutional framework and Water Convention activities (10 min)
Mr Komlan Sangbana, UNECE

A party perspective on the Water Convention and how to benefit from and use the Eighth session of the Meeting of the Parties for advancing transboundary cooperation? (10 min)
Ms Heide Jekel, Germany

Discussion in groups (40 min)

Group 1 (English): Ms Heide Jekel, Germany (Moderator 1); Mr Alistair Rieu Clarke (Moderator 2)

Group 2 (French): Mr Niokhor Ndour, Senegal (Moderator 1); Mr Komlan Sangbana (Moderator 2)

Group 3 (Spanish): Mr Pedro Cunha Serra, Portugal (Moderator 1); Ms Sarah Tiefenauer-Linardon (Moderator 2)

Group 4 (Rusian): Ms Dinara Ziganshina, Implementation Committee, Water Convention

Questions for discussion

  • Which questions or concerns do you have with regards to the Water Convention?
  • How could the Water Convention and its work support you in advancing transboundary water cooperation? How do you plan to be involved in and contribute to the future programme of work?
  • What have you done or what are you planning to do with regards to the Convention in terms of promotion, national discussion etc.? What do you need for this from other Parties or the secretariat?

Concluding remarks (5 min)
Mr Andres Felipe Sanchez Pena, OAS