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Eighth session of the Meeting of the Parties to the Water Convention

10 - 12 October 2018

Astana, Kazakhstan

An impactful relationship: Fostering Source-to-Sea of Management of Transboundary Basins

Date and time: Friday 12 October, 1.30-2.45 pm
Astana EXPO Congress Center, Room n°2. Amu Darya
English and Russian 

Freshwater resources are essential for producing food, enabling the power industry, quenching our thirst and supporting ecosystems. Likewise, marine ecosystems provide food resources, protect our shorelines, provide recreation, and support essential biodiversity. However, unsustainable human activities on land, along rivers and the coast and at sea are imposing a heavy burden on water-related ecosystems. Water resources do not respect national borders; cooperation across political boundaries, and at multiple scales, is required to address these threats.

The GEF International Waters Focal Area attends to a unique demand in the global water agenda: fostering transboundary cooperation and building trust between and among states that often find themselves locked in complex and long-lasting marine resource and/or freshwater-use conflicts. The Action Platform on Source to Sea Management (S2S Platform) is a multi-stakeholder initiative to exchange and generate knowledge, and support joint action for improved management of land, freshwater, coastal and marine linkages. It supports source-to-sea management through generating and sharing knowledge, influencing policy making and program implementation as well as through networking activities for S2S Platform members.

The side event will include an examination of these efforts and a panel of practitioners working from source-to-sea.


13:30  A Platform to Support Source to Sea  Action Management at Transboundary Scales
Birgitta Liss Lymer, Stockholm International Water Institute (Source to Sea Action Platform)

13:40 Financing Source to Sea Action
Christian Severin, Global Environment Facility
13:50 Interactive Discussion with Source to Sea Practicioners

14:15 Participant Question and Answer