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Forty-fourth Compliance Committee meeting under the Aarhus Convention

25 - 28 March 2014

Geneva, Switzerland

Provisional agenda for the forty-fourth meeting (ECE/MP.PP/C.1/2014/1)PDFPDFPDF
Report of the forty-fourth meeting (ECE/MP.PP/C.1/2014/2)PDFPDFPDF
Findings and recommendations - Austria ACCC/C/2011/63 (ECE/MP.PP/C.1/2014/3) PDFPDFPDF
Findings and recommendations - Croatia ACCC/C/2012/66 (ECE/MP.PP/C.1/2014/4) PDFPDFPDF
Findings and recommendations - United Kingdom and European Union ACCC/C/2012/68 (ECE/MP.PP/C.1/2014/5) PDFPDFPDF



Second meeting of the informal network of the Chairs of compliance/implementation bodies under the UNECE MEAs

24 March 2014 

Geneva, Switzerland 

Provisional Agenda PDF
Background Note prepared by the Chair (in track changes to highlight updates and developments since the first meeting)PDF
Background note (clean version)PDF
Chair's summaryPDF