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Twenty-fifth meeting of Compliance Committee

22 - 25 September 2009

Geneva, Switzerland

Document TitleENGFRERUS

Provisional agenda for the twenty-fifth meeting (ECE/MP.PP/C.1/2009/5)


Report (ECE/MP.PP/C.1/2009/6)


Addendum to the report (ECE/MP.PP/C.1/2009/6/Add.1) (Austria)


Addendum to the report (ECE/MP.PP/C.1/2009/6/Add.2) (Poland)


Addendum to the report (ECE/MP.PP/C.1/2009/6/Add.3) (Republic of Moldova)


Addendum to the report (ECE/MP.PP/C.1/2009/6/Add.3/Corr.1) (Republic of Moldova)PDF


Among other things, the Committee discussed the subject matter of communications ACCC/C/2008/32 (EC) and ACCC/C/2008/33 (UK). The Committee began to prepare draft findings with respect to communication ACCC/C/2008/23 (United Kingdom) and ACCC/C/2008/27 (United Kingdom) and continued its deliberations on the draft findings on communication ACCC/C/2008/24 (Spain). It finalized its findings with regard to communication ACCC/C/2008/26 (Austria), ACCC/C/2008/29 (Poland) and ACCC/C/2008/30 (Moldova). With regard to communication ACCC/C/2008/28 (Denmark), it decided to postpone any further deliberation of the case until the Danish Ombudsman had carried out its review of the matter. It also considered admissibility of new communications received. The Committee also reviewed the situation with the follow-up on the relevant decisions on compliance and on reporting adopted at the 3rd meeting of the Parties (Decisions III/6a to f).


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