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ACCC/M/2014/1 The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia

DocumentStatusDate received or posted by the secretariat
Letter from the UNECE Executive Secretary to the Party concerned
Annex 1: decision 1/7 on compliance
Annex 2: decision V/8 on reporting requirements
From the secretariat05.03.2015
Letter to the secretariatFrom the Party concerned26.06.2015 (received 20.07.2015)
Letter enclosing 2011 national implementation report English MacedonianFrom the Party concerned22.12.2015
Email informing of deadline set by the CommitteeFrom the secretariat07.03.2017
Email enclosing 2014 national implementation report in MacedonianFrom the Party concerned15.03.2017
2014 national implementation report in EnglishFrom the Party concerned29.03.2017
Letter enclosing Committee's draft findings for commentFrom the secretariat19.04.2017
Comments on the draft findingsFrom the Party concerned03.05.2017
Findings (advance unedited)
Findings (Eng Fre Rus)