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Decision VI/8d concerning Bulgaria

DocumentStatusDate received or posted by the Secretariat
Decision VI/8d of the Meeting of the Parties on compliance by Bulgaria with its obligations under the Convention (ECE/MP.PP/2017/2/ADD.1) ENG FRE RUSAdopted by the Meeting of the Parties at its 6th session14.09.2017
Email enclosing proposed amendments to the Environment Protection Act 754-01-43 BULFrom the communicant of communications ACCC/C/2011/58 and ACCC/C/2012/7621.07.2017
Statement (in English) including annexes (in Bulgarian)From the communicant of communications ACCC/C/2011/58 and ACCC/C/2012/7621.03.2018
First progress report on the implementation of decision VI/8dFrom the Party concerned01.10.2018
Comments on the Party concerned's first progress report 
Annex 1:  EIA decision ОВОС 3-3 2017 MOEW Struma highway
Annex 2:  Order 104 02.08.2017 MOEW Jadenica dam
Annex 3:  EIA decision 4-4 OVOS 2018 RIEW Ruse Kaolin mining concession
Annex 4:  Order PI-2 2018 RIEW Varna port Beloslav
Annex 5:  SZ-61-1-PR 10.09.2018 RIEW Stara Zagora Brikel power station
Annex 6:  Ruling 29.11.2017 SAC Struma highway
Annex 7:  Ruling 1566 08.02.2018 SAC Struma highway
Annex 8:  Ruling 2023 26.03.2018 SAC power plant
Annex 9:  Ruling 2291 20.02.2018 SAC Midjur ski resort
Annex 10: Ruling 7928 30.06.2015 SAC mHPP Svoge
Annex 11: Ruling 2980 09.03.2018 SAC Krichim recycling
Annex 12: Ruling 10864 17.09.2018 SAC Kozlodui nuclear plant
From the communicant of communications ACCC/C/2011/58 and ACCC/C/2012/7601.11.2018 (dated 31.01.2018)
Letter to the Party concerned enclosing the Committee´s first progress reviewFrom the secretariat25.02.2019
Statement delivered at the open session on decision VI/8d at the Committee's 63rd meeting From the Party concerned 14.03.2019