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ACCC/C/2016/139 Ireland

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posted by the secretariat
Annex 1 - DAS Permit S0004-01 Application form
Annex 2 - DPC Newspaper notice
Annex 3 - DAS Permit S0004-01
Annex 4 - Dumping at Sea Act 1996
Annex 5 - AER for S0004-01 for 2012
From the communicant12.05.2016

Statement on preliminary admissibility at the Committee's 53 rd meeting
Annex: Inspectors report on a permit application

From the Party concerned21.06.2016
Letter enclosing Committee's questions regarding preliminary admissibilityFrom the secretariat24.08.2016

Covering letter enclosing
Reply to the Committee's questions

Annex 1 - DAS Permits
Annex 2 - Public Notice
Annex 3 - DAS S0009
Annex 4 - Case C-226-08 Stadt Papenburg v Bundesrepublik Deutschland
Annex 5 - Correspondence with EPA
Annex 6 - Correspondence with Department of the Environment, Community and Local Government
Annex 7 - EPA formal letter of complaint
Annex 8 - Response to IUC
Annex 9 - DAS permit S0021-01
Annex 10 - Analytical Report
Annex 11- DAS Permit S0004-01

From the communicant05.09.2016

Cover letter

Annex 1: S.50B of the Irish Planning and Development Act 2000

Annex 2: Environment and Miscellaneous Provisions Act 2011 Ireland

Briefing note on Access to Justice Issues in Ireland

From observer (Environmental Pillar) 13.09.2016
Letter to the Party concerned enclosing Committee's determination of preliminary admissibility and forwarding communication for the Party concerned's responseFrom the secretariat06.12.2016

Response to the communication

Annex 1: Appendix C - Letter from the Party concerned in the context of communication ACCC/C/2014/113, dated 10.06.2016

Annex 2: Appendix C - Party concerned's reply to questions of the Committee sent in the context of communication ACCC/C/2014/113, dated 10.06.2016

Annex 3: Appendix C - Party concerned's response to communication ACCC/C/2013/107, dated 18.11.2016

From the Party concerned05.05.2017
Questions from the Committee to the communicantFrom the secretariat12.03.2018
Request for an extension to reply to the Committee's questionsFrom the communicant28.03.2018
Decision from the Chair of the Committee to grant an extensionFrom the secretariat29.03.2018
Reply to questionsFrom the communicant19.04.2018
Statement concerning the Committee's questionsFrom observer (Environmental Pillar)19.04.2018
Request to the communicant for clarificationFrom the secretariat04.11.2018
Reply to request for clarification
Annex 1: DAPs issued since 18 September 2012
Annex 2: Dumping at Sea Act 1996, consolidated to 22 July 2016
Annex 3: Environment and Miscellaneous Provisions Act 2011, consolidated to 19 July 2018
From the communicant07.12.2018
Request for an extension to comment on the communicant's clarificationFrom the Party concerned07.01.2019
Chair's consent to extension of deadline to Party to comment on communicant's clarificationFrom the secretariat08.01.2018
Comments on the communicant’s clarification of 7 December 2018 and reply to questions of 19 April 2018
Annex 1: EPA List of DAS permits issued after 18 September 2012
Annex 2: EPA Guidance on Requests for Alterations to a Dumping at Sea Permit
Annex 3: Summary of DAS Amendments made since 18 September 2012
From the Party concerned11.02.2019