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ACCC/C/2015/133 Netherlands

DocumentStatusDate received or
posted by the secretariat
CommunicationFrom the communicant30.06.2015
Letter to the communicant requesting additional information on the use of domestic remediesFrom the secretariat21.10.2015
Letter from the communicantFrom the communicant23.11.2015
Letter to Party concerned enclosing preliminary determination of admissibility and forwarding communication for Party concerned's responseFrom the secretariat11.03.2016

Letter enclosing Party concerned's response to communication

Annex 1: Environmental Management Act (excerpts) ENG
Annex 2: Government Information (Public Access) Act ENG
Annex 3: General Administrative Law Act (excerpts) ENG
Annex 4: Spatial Planning Act (excerpts) ENG
Annex 5: Spatial Planning Decree, article 2.1.1 ENG
Annex 6: Activities Decree, article 3.14a ENG

From the Party concerned11.08.2016
Questions from the Committee to the communicant and the Party concernedFrom the secretariat12.03.2018