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ACCC/C/2015/130 Italy

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Annex 1: ENG ITA
Annex 2: ENG ITA
Annex 3: ENG ITA
Annex 4: ENG ITA
Annex 5: ENG ITA
Annex 6: ENG ITA
Annex 7: ENG ITA
Annex 8: ENG ITA
From the communicant12.05.2015
Letter to Party concerned enclosing preliminary determination of admissibility and forwarding communication for Party concerned's responseFrom the secretariat05.10.2015
Response to communicationFrom the Party concerned30.09.2016
Questions from the Committee to the communicant and the Party concernedFrom the secretariat30.01.2018
Request for an extension to reply to the questionsFrom the Party concerned06.03.2018
Reply to questionsFrom the communicant07.03.2018 (dated 05.03.2018)
Reply to request for extension from the Chair of the CommitteeFrom the secretariat09.03.2018
Reply to questions ENG ITA
Annex 1: Appeal judgement no. 21522, 20.09.2013, WWF v Agenzia delle Entrate ITA
Annex 2: Commissione Tributaria of Liguria, judgement no. 1171, 11.10.2016, AVA v TAR ITA
Annex 3:Commissione Tributaria of Campania, judgement no. 558, 23.01.2018 ITA
From the Party concerned09.04.2018
Cover letter enclosing comments on the Party's reply to questions ENG ITA
Annex 1: Council of State, judgement no. 1619, 22.02.2018 ITA
Annex 2
: Council of State, judgement no. 4001, 15.06.2017 ITA
Annex 3: Constitutional Court, judgement no. 77, 19.04.2018 ITA
Annex 4: Administrative Court Marche, judgement no. 118, 02.12.2016 ITA
Annex 5: Administrative Court Calabria, judgement no. 1967, 14.09.2016 ITA
From the communicant30.04.2018
Email enclosing relevant legislation
Annex 1
: Legislative Decree 104/2010
Annex 2: Presidential Decree 115/2002
Annex 3: Legislative Decree  460/1997
From the Party concerned12.06.2018
Letter to the Party concerned and communicant requesting outstanding documents and translationsFrom the secretariat03.08.2018
Reply to Committee’s request for selected legislation and judgments
Annex 1: Decision of Court of Cassation n.21522 dated 20.09.2013, WWF v. Agenzia delle Entrate ENG ITA
Annex 2: Decision of Tax Commission of Liguria n.1171 dated 11.10.2016 ENG ITA
Annex 3: Decision of Tax Commission of Campania no.558 of 23.1.2018 ENG ITA
From the Party concerned01.10.2018
Letters inviting the Party concerned and communicant to hearing at Committee's 66th meetingFrom the secretariat06.02.2020