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ACCC/C/2014/120 Slovakia

DocumentsStatusDate received or posted by the secretariat
CommunicationFrom the communicant08.12.2014
Covering email enclosing comments on preliminary admissibilityFrom the Party concerned27.03.2015
Email to inform parties that communication determined to be preliminarily admissibleFrom the secretariat09.04.2015
Letter to Party concerned enclosing preliminary determination of admissibility and forwarding communication for Party concerned's response From the secretariat28.06.2015

Cover letter enclosing response
Annex 1: Print screen portal (Slovak)
Annex 2: Public comment of the communicant (Slovak)
Annex 3: Written invitation (Slovak)
Annex 4: Email invitation (Slovak)
Annex 5: Contradictory negotiation report (Slovak)
Annex 6: Evaluation of all protal comments (Slovak)
Annex 7: Submission report LC (Slovak)
Annex 8: Submission report G (Slovak)

From the Party concerned27.11.2015
Letters inviting Party concerned and communicant to hearing at Committee's 54th meetingFrom the secretariat19.08.2016
Opening statement for hearing at Committee's 54th meetingFrom the Party concerned29.09.2016