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ACCC/C/2014/115 United Kingdom

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Annex 7
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Annex 9
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Annex 13
From the communicant16.07.2014
LetterFrom the secretariat19.11.2014

Response to committee's questions
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From the communicant05.12.2014
Additional informationFrom the communicant11.12.2014

Additional information
Attachment: Ombudsman's reply of 09.12.2014


From the communicant14.12.2014
Letter to Party concerned enclosing preliminary determination of admissibility and forwarding communication for Party concerned's response From the secretariat29.06.2015
Annex 1: Request for information ATI1446
Annex 2: Request for information ATI06893a
Annex 3: Correspondence regarding Habitat Assessment Report
Annex 4: Checklist for Environmental Impact Assessment
Annex 5: Schedule of meetings
Annex 6: Summary Report of Newborough Forest Redesign Public Consultation
Annex 7: Newborough Forest and Warren – Full Draft Conclusions and Recommendations from the Liaison Partnership
Annex 8: Full transcribed report of all comments received Part I Part II Part III Part IV
Annex 9: Review of science
Annex 10: Minutes of meeting
Annex 11: Correspondence after meeting
From the Party concerned26.11.2015
Comments on Party concerned’s response
Annex 1: Complaint  to the Commission of the European Communities
Annex 2: Letter to Natural Resources Wales CEO
Annex 3: Review of science with comments and explanations Annex 9
Annex 4: 6 SAC Monitoring reports 2012
From the communicant13.01.2016
Additional informationFrom the Party concerned02.03.2016