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ACCC/C/2014/113 Ireland

DocumentStatusDate received or posted by the secretariat
Communication From the communicant05.08.2014
Annex 1 From the communicant05.08.2014
Annex 2From the communicant05.08.2014
Letter to CommunicantFrom the secretariat21.11.2014

Communicant's response to Committee's questions

Annexes 1 to 43 (Zip)

From the communicant17.12.2014
Letter enclosing determination of preliminary admissibility to the communicantFrom the secretariat27.02.2015
Letter forwarding communication for Party concerned's responseFrom the secretariat15.04.2015
Letter requesting extension to deadline for response to communication From the Party concerned26.08.2015
Comments on request by Party concerned's request for extension for submitting response to communication From the communicant27.08.2015
Email to Party concerned regarding request for extensionFrom the secretariat08.09.2015

Response to communication

Annex 1: Relevant legislation
Annex 2: Bar Council Response
Annex 3: Legal Services Regulation Bill 2011 DE
Annex 4: Discussion Paper-Access to Justice Public Consultation
Annex 5: Response Template - Access to Justice Public Consultation
Annex 6: Response of Kieran Fitzpatrick
Annex 7: Lord
Annex 8: Farley
Annex 9: ECHR Judgment
Annex 10: Koester

From the Party concerned29.09.2015
Corrections to response to communicationFrom the Party concerned12.10.2015

Covering email enclosing

Communicant's comments on Party concerned's response to communication

List of annexes

Annex F4 Airey v. Ireland
Annex F6 Bar Council sub to Comp Auth 2005
Annex F7 Bar Council sub to LCWG DRAFT2 2005
Annex F15 Clarke v Stevens  costs
Annex F23 DMPT Taxation appeal hearing 2015
Annex F34 Hannigan v DPP
Annex F35 HURTER c. Suisse
Annex F40 Legal Costs Working group 2005
Annex F42 ABA's letter of 12 November 2013

From the communicant02.11.2015
Invitation to the Party concerned and communicant to attend the discussion at Committee's 51st meetingFrom the secretariat06.11.2015
Slides for opening statement during hearing at Committee's 51st meeting
Opening and closing statement for discussion at Committee's 51st meeting
From the communicant18.12.2015
Opening statement for discussion at Committee's 51st meetingFrom the Party concerned18.12.2015
Letter enclosing the Committee's questions following the hearing at the 51st meeting From the secretariat19.05.2016

Response to the Committee's questions

Annex 1: Judgment of the European Court of Human Rights,  Stankiewicz v Poland
Annex 2: Judgment of the High Court of Ireland,  C. D. -v Minister for Health and Children & Anor
Annex 3: Judgment of the Court of Appeal of Ireland, McCoy & anor -v- Shillelagh Quarries Ltd & ors
Annex 4:Judgment of the Supreme Court  of Ireland, Applications for Orders in Relation to Costs in Intended Proceedings: Coffey & ors
Annex 5: Judgment of the High Court of Ireland, Coffey -v- Tara Mines Ltd
Annex 6:Judgment of the High Court of Ireland, Persona Digital Telephony Ltd & anor -v- The Minister for Public Enterprise & ors
Annex 7: Judgment of the Court (Grand Chamber), Case C-506/04
Annex 8:  Judgment of the Supreme Court  of Ireland, Nowak -v- The Data Protection Commissioner

From the communicant09.06.2016

Letter enclosing response to the Committee's questions

Annex 1: Village Residents Association Ltd v. An Bord Pleanala (No 2) [2000] 4 IR 321
Annex 2: Hunter v. Nurendale Ltd t/a Panda Waste [2013] IEHC 430
Annex 3: Conway v. Ireland and the NRA [2009] IEHC 472
Annex 4: McCoy v Shillelagh Quarries [2015] IECA 28
Annex 5: Friends of the Curragh Environment Limited v An Bord Pleanala & Ors [2009] 4 IR 451
Annex 6: Browne v Fingal County Council [2013] IEHC 630
Annex 7: Adams v. Minister for Justice [2001] 3 IR 53
Annex 8: Farley v. Ireland [2000] IESC 59
Annex 9: Jodifern v. Fitzgerald [1999] IESC 88
Annex 10: Bullen v O Donovan [2015] IEHC 72
Annex 11: O’Driscoll & Dunne v McDonald & Ors [2015] IEHC 100
Annex 12: Riordan v. Ireland (No. 5) [2001] 4 IR 463
Annex 13: Nowak v Data Protection Commissioner [2016] IESC 18
Annex 14: Dunne v Minister for Environment [2008] 2 IR 775
Annex 15: Lancefort Ltd v An Bord Pleanála [1998] 2 IR 511
Annex 16: Pringle v Government of Ireland [2014] IEHC 174
Annex 17: Millstream Recycling Ltd v Tierney [2010] IEHC 55
Annex 18: McEvoy and Smith v Meath County Council [2003] 1 IR 208
Annex 19: Curtin v Clerk of Dáil Éireann & Ors [2006] 2 IR 556
Annex 20: McCallig v An Bord Pleanála [2014] IEHC 353
Annex 21: RD v. McGuinness [1999] 2 IR 411
Annex 22: Coffey and others v Environment Protection Agency [2013] IESC 31
Annex 23: Shillelagh Quarries Ltd v. An Bord Pleanála [2012] IEHC 257
Annex 24: Callaghan v An Bord Pleanála [2015] IEHC 235
Annex 25: Indaver NV Ltd t/a Indaver Ireland v An Bord Pleanála & Ors [2013] IEHC 11
Annex 26: JC Savage Supermarket Limited & Becton v An Bord Pleanála [2011] IEHC 488
Annex 27: Tesco Ireland v. Cork County Council [2013] IEHC 580
Annex 28: Kimpton Vale Ltd v An Bord Pleanála [2013] IEHC 442
Annex 29: Delaney and McGrath- Civil Procedure in the Superior Courts 3rd Edition- Part I
Annex 30: Delaney and McGrath- Civil Procedure in the Superior Courts 3rd Edition
Annex 31: Hilary Delany- Irish Law Times 2000
Annex 32: Trevor Murphy- Commercial Law Practitioner 2014

From the Party concerned10.06.2016
Email enclosing Legal Services Regulation Act 2015From the communicant12.06.2016
Cover letter enclosing comments on the communicant’s response to the Committee’s questionsFrom the Party concerned16.06.2016
Comments on response to the Committee's questionsFrom the communicant17.06.2016

Cover letter

Annex 1: S.50B of the Irish Planning and Development Act 2000

Annex 2: Environment and Miscellaneous Provisions Act 2011 Ireland

Briefing note on Access to Justice Issues in Ireland

From Observer13.09.2016
Letter to the parties seeking views on possible deferment From the secretariat18.11.2016

Comments on possible deferment

Annex 1: Sweetman v Shell [2016] IESC 58, 17.10.2016
Annex 2: Sweetman v An Bord Pleanala & Clare [2007] IEHC 153, 26.04.2007
Annex 3: Case C-156/15, Private Equity v Swedbank, CJEU, 10.11.2016
Annex 4: North East Pylon v An Bord Pleanala [2016] IEHC 300, 12.05.2016
Annex 5: North East Pylon v An Bord Pleanala [2016] IEHC 490, 29.07.2016
Annex 6: Friends of the Curragh Environment v An Bord Pleanala [2006] IEHC 390, 8.12.2006

From the communicant28.11.2016
Comments on possible defermentFrom the Party concerned02.12.2016