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ACCC/C/2014/112 Ireland

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Annex 1

Annex 2

From the communicant 29.05.2014
Letter to communicantFrom the secretariat22.08.2014
Letter to secretariatFrom the communicant03.09.2014
Email to secretariatFrom the communicant19.09.2014
Email to secretariatFrom the communicant12.11.2014
Letter to communicantFrom the secretariat21.11.2014

Communicant's response to Committee's questions

Attachment 1: Report on Offaly Plan 2015-2020

From the communicant01.12.2014
Email attaching High Court listFrom the communicant28.06.2015
Letter to Party concerned enclosing preliminary determination of admissibility and forwarding communication for Party concerned's response From the secretariat29.06.2015
Update enclosing decision of Commission for Environmental Information  dated 1 October 2015 regarding Coillte From the communicant03.10.2015
Update enclosing correspondence with European CommissionFrom the communicant13.10.2015
Email enclosing response
Annexes: Zip fle
From the Party concerned30.11.2015
Update enclosing decision of the Commissioner for Environmental Information dated 11 December 2015 regarding Case CEI/13/0005 From the communicant02.01.2016
Covering letter enclosing observer statement and annexesFrom observer (Francis Clauson)03.02.2016 (dated 30.01.2016)
Email From the communicant06.03.2016
Letters inviting Party concerned and communicants to hearing at Committee's 53rd meetingFrom the secretariat19.05.2016
Observer statement
Annex 1: Laois Co. Co response to a request for Environmental Information
Annex 2: Training in Environmental & Planning Law
From observer (Fand Cooney)02.06.2016 (dated 01.06.2016)

Additional information

Annex 1: Third progress report on the National Renewable Energy Action Plan
Annex 2: Annual Report of the Office of the Commissioner for Environmental Information

From the Party concerned10.06.2016
Opening statement for hearing at Committee's 53rd meetingFrom the communicant23.06.2016
Opening statement for hearing at Committee's 53rd meeting
Annex: Independent review of the Draft Section 31 Direction on Westmeath County Development Plan 2014-2020
From the Party concerned24.06.2016
Email enclosing High Court judgment From the communicant12.08.2016

Letter enclosing observer statement

Annex 1
Annex 2
Annex 3

From observer (Environmental Pillar)13.07.2016
Additional information regarding request to CJEU for preliminary rulingFrom the communicant18.08.2016
EmailFrom the communicant27.02.2017

Update with further information

Annex 1: Information Note on the Review of the Wind Energy Development Guidelines 2006, "Preferred Draft Approach"

Annex 2: Terms of Settlement on Judicial Review 2014 No. 712 JR

Annex 3: Department's Planning Advisor's Report and Decision-Making on Proposed Ministerial Declaration

Annex 4: Order of Certiorari on Judicial Review 2016 No. 976 JR

From the communicant03.09.2017
Update enclosing High Court judgement, Val Martin v An Board Pleanala, 2017 No. 104 JR, 11.01.2018From the communicant15.01.2018
UpdateFrom the Party concerned22.10.2019
Comments on the update of the Party concernedFrom the communicant23.10.2019