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ACCC/C/2014/104 Netherlands

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Preliminary determination on admissibility

Annex 1

From the communicant 06.05.2014
Letter forwarding communication to the Party concerned From the secretariat 03.09.2014
Questions and request for information to communicantFrom the secretariat 03.09.2014

Reply to questions enclosing attachments:

1a. Covenant Borselle DUT ENG
1b. Nuclear Act, article 15a DUT ENG
1c. Notice of decision on fuel diversification DUT ENG
1d. MOX permit DUT ENG
1e. Notice of preliminary decision on extension of operation DUT ENG
1f.  Notice of decision for extension of operation DUT ENG
1g. Minister's letter stating no EIA required DUT ENG
1h. Licence for extension of operation DUT ENG
1i. Judgment of Raad van State 19.02.2014 DUT ENG

From the communicant19.09.2014
Cover letter enclosing response to the communication
Appendix 1: Clarification and information regarding the planned extension of the design lifetime of Borssele NPP submitted to the Espoo Implementation Committee
Appendix 2: Nuclear Energy Act, relevant sections
Appendix 3: Overview of involvement of Belgium and Germany with respect to licensing procedures for Borssele NPP
Appendix 4: General Administrative Law Act, division 3.4
Appendix 5: Environmental Management Act, divisions 13.1 and 13.2
Appendix 6: Decision on license for Long Term Operation, reference KT/MCr/TKe/B1200055, 18.03.2013
Appendix 7: Annex C to decision of 18.03.2013, table of participants
Appendix 8: Notification of the decision of 18.03.2013
From the Party concerned03.02.2015
Comments on the Party concerned's responseFrom the communicant17.03.2015
Invitation to the Party concerned and the communicant to attend discussion at the Committee's 50th meeting From the secretariat01.09.2015
Opening statement for discussion at Committee's 50th meeting From the communicant08.10.2015
Opening statement for dicussion at Committee's 50th meetingFrom the Party concerned08.10.2015
Additional information
EIA screening decision DUT ENG
Borssele NPP licensing application DUT ENG 
From the Party concerned08.10.2015
Additional information
Annex 1   Parliamentary papers 2005-2006, 30 000, No.18 DUT ENG
Annex 2   Party concerned's closing statement at hearing at CC50
Annex 3   Party concerned's reply to Committee's questions following hearing at CC50
Annex 4  Grounds 9 and 10 of the Judgment of the Council of the State ENG
From the Party concerned13.11.2015
Letter enclosing commentsFrom the communicant20.01.2016
Comments on the communicant's comments
Annex:  Translation of  letter of  State Secretary for Housing, Spatial Planning and the Environment ENG
From the Party concerned19.02.2016
Letter to the Party concerned enclosing questions from the CommitteeFrom the secretariat03.03.2017
Reply to questions from the CommitteeFrom the Party concerned16.03.2017
Clarification request from the Committee regarding Party concerned's replyFrom the secretariat29.03.2017
Reply to clarification request enclosing Memorandum on "The Operating Lifetime of Borssele NPP" DUT ENG (partial)From the Party concerned06.04.2017
Comments on Party concerned's reply to the Committee's questionsFrom the communicant11.04.2017
Letters to the Party concerned and communicant sending the Committee's draft findings for their commentsFrom the secretariat25.05.2018
Comments on the Committee's draft findingsFrom the communicant22.06.2018
Comments on the Committee's draft findingsFrom the Party concerned03.07.2018
Findings ENG  FRE  RUS04.10.2018

Letter inviting the Party concerned to provide first progress report on the implementation of the Committee's recommendationFrom the secretariat27.08.2019
First progress report on the implementation of the Committee’s recommendation
Annex A: Letter of State Secretary for Infrastructure and Water management of 24 April 2019
Annex B: Instructions for covenants 2003
Annex C: Roadmap for legislation online consultation process
From the Party concerned01.10.2019
Comments on the Party concerned's first progress reportFrom the communicant30.10.2019