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ACCC/C/2014/101 European Union

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Preliminary determination of admissibility

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From the communicant15.04.2014
Letter forwarding communication to the Party concernedFrom the secretariat09.09.2014
Letter to the communicantFrom the secretariat09.09.2014
Response to communicationFrom the Party concerned25.02.2015
Comments on the Party's responseFrom the communicant17.03.2015
Reply to Committee's questions regarding status of second communicantFrom the communicants04.06.2015
Letter informing of the Committee's determination regarding London Borough of HillingdonFrom the secretariat07.08.2015
Email to Parties regarding scheduling of Committee's discussionFrom the secretariat04.11.2015
Letters inviting Party concerned and communicants to hearing at Committee's 52nd meeting From the secretariat09.02.2016
Comments on communicationFrom the United Kingdom25.02.2016
Opening statement for hearing at Committee's 52nd meetingFrom the Party concerned10.03.2016
Opening statement for hearing at Committee's 52nd meetingFrom the communicant10.03.2016
Draft findings and letter to the parties inviting their commentsFrom the secretariat26.05.2017
Comments on the draft findingsFrom the Party concerned08.06.2017
Findings ENG FRE RUS18.06.2017