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Guidelines (to the Sectoral Checklist) for Preparation and Inspection of a Safety Report

Published: February 2012

Available in English and Russian

56 pp., Geneva, 2012

These guidelines have been developed to provide detailed guidance and instructions on use of a checklist system that was developed to support the preparation, auditing and inspection of safety reports. Please see also the accompanying checklist.


1. Introduction, general principles and definitions

1.1 Purpose of a safety report

1.2 Definitions

1.2.1 Demonstrate

1.2.2 All necessary measures

1.2.3 Prevent, Control and Limit

1.2.4 Major Accident

1.3 Practical consideration for safety reports

1.4 Definition of “accident scenario”

1.5 Essential elements of a safety report

2. SCL guidelines

2.1. SCL description of the environment and site

2.1.1 Description of the environment

2.1.2 Description of the site

2.2. SCL main activities and products for single installations

2.3. SCL dangerous substances

2.4. SCL identification of hazards, risk assessment and preventive measures

2.5. SCL limitation of consequences and mitigation

2.6. SCL Major Accident Prevention Policy (MAPP) and Safety Management System (SMS)

2.6.1 Major Accident Prevention Policy (MAPP)

2.6.2 Elements of Safety Management System (SMS)

3. Literature