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Subregional Cooperation (2004-2008)

Activities under the Espoo Convention and its Protocol on SEA
(period between 3rd and 4th sessions of the Meetings of the Parties to the Convention, 2004-2008)

Subregional cooperation to strengthen contacts between the Parties

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Sub-activity Results

Sub-regional meetings:

Koprivshtitza meeting

South-East Europe

1. First meeting for South-East Europe in Belgrade, 16-17 December 2004.

2. Second meeting in Ohrid (the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia), 30 June - 1 July 2005.

3. Third meeting for South-East Europe in Koprivshtitza (Bulgaria), 3-4 November 2005.

Baltic Sea subregion

1. First meeting for Baltic Sea subregion held in Stockholm, 20-21 October 2005

2. Second meeting for Baltic Sea subregion held in Copenhagen, 8 November 2006

Mediterranean Sea subregion

Carried forward into period between the 4th and 5th meetings of the Parties (2008-2011).

Information exchange

Information requested by secretariat 28 September 2004. Responses incorporated in a listing here.

Bilateral and multilateral agreements

Information on such agreements, including guidance and examples