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EECCA Capacity-Building (2004-2008)

Activities under the Espoo EIA Convention and its Protocol on SEA
(period between 3rd and 4th Meetings of the Parties, 2004-2008)

Capacity-building in Eastern Europe, Caucasus and Central Asia

See more recent activities for the period between the 4th and 5th meetings of the Parties (2008-2011).

See also the pages dedicated to transboundary EIA capacity-building in Central Asia and Caspian Sea.

Sub-activity Results

Preparation and dissemination of guidance

Drafting of guidance on the practical application of the Convention for specific needs of the subregion (for cases of transboundary EIA in relation to, inter alia, transboundary watercourses) by a consultant.

See Central Asia page

Carrying-out of workshops in

  • Central Asia (Kyrgyzstan)
  • Caucasus (Armenia)
  • Eastern Europe (Ukraine)

to finalize the guidance.

Conclusions of workshop on guidance for capacity building in Central Asia, Issyk-Kul (Kyrgyzstan), 5-7 October 2004 - see Central Asia page

Armenia workshop held 17-19 September 2007, with financial support from Switzerland.

Ukraine workshop expected early in 2008, with financial support from Switzerland. (Held in the Republic of Moldova, November 2008.env/eia/activities/activityEIAsubregion.html)

Active dissemination of the guidance in the participating countries (through, for example, national workshops).

See Central Asia page

Training course in transboundary EIA - methodology

First training workshop held in Tajikistan, 19-21 February 2007, with support from Switzerland. See Central Asia page for presentations, etc.

Second workshop expected in Kazakhstan in summer 2007.

Third workshop in Kyrgyzstan 26-30 November 2007.

Supporting knowledge of the Convention and of transboundary EIA in Russian-speaking countries through the dissemination of a relevant Russian-language journal (Environmental Expertise and EIA, with 6 issues a year).

Funding for the first year provided by the company NordStream:

Contents of the first issue of Environmental Expertise ENG


In addition, a transboundary EIA pilot project involving Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan is being initiated - see Central Asia.

Furthermore, the secretariat has supported the following activities being lead by UNEP:

  • 1st meeting on the Protocol on Transboundary EIA under the Caspian Sea Convention, 9-11 March 2005, Moscow
  • 2nd meeting on the Protocol, 24-26 October 2005, Moscow
  • 3rd meeting, 7-9 June 2006, Moscow
env/eia/meetings/studytour2006.html In addition, Switzerland provided a study tour in the Geneva area, 6 April 2006, focused on the Central Asian States.