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Current members (from 5 June 2014)

Chair of the Bureau

Mr. Georges Kremlis (European Union) (Since January 2016, after departure of Mr. Piotr Otawski (Poland))

Ms. Migle Masaityte (Lithuania), Chair, Working Group

Ms. Aysel Babayeva (Azerbaijan), Vice-Chair, Working Group

Ms. Inga Podoroghin (Republic of Moldova), Vice-Chair, Working Group

Mr. Dmytro Matiuschenko (Ukraine), Vice-Chair, Working Group

Mr. Felix Zaharia (Romania), Chair, Implementation Committee

Ms. Martine Rohn-Brossard (Switzerland)(since January 2017 after departure of Ms. Cecile Bourigault)

Alternate of Switzerland for Protocol matters

Ms. Lourdes Aurora Hernando (Spain),  First Vice-Chair, Implementation Committee

Mr. Artur Danelyan (Armenia)

Ms. Katarzyna Twardowska (Poland)

Mr. Andrei Shakemirov (Belarus)