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Side events

Second session, 23-25 November 2010, Bucharest, Romania Parliament Palace

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Several side events were held during lunchbreak at the meeting venue:


Tuesday, 23 November 
12.45- 14.15


Promoting best practice to manage drinking water quality effectively

Organizer: Romanian Water Association, International Water Association (IWA) Danube – Black Sea Regional Office, in co-operation with the Ministry of Environment and Forest of Romania

Venue: Bratianu Hall (plenary room)


“Let’s share experience! Youth involvement in Water and Health projects - How can youth contribute to the Protocol on Water and Health 2011-2013?” (information note - programme)

Organizer: Children's Environment and Health Action Plan for Europe, (CEHAPE)

Venue: Human Rights Hall


Wednesday, 24 November
13.15- 14.45


The role of the National Policy Dialogues on Integrated Water Resources Management in setting targets under the UNECE-WHO Protocol on Water and Health (programme in Russian)

Organizer: UNECE and Romania as chair of the EU Water Initiative for EECCA

Venue: Bratianu Hall (plenary room)



The science-policy bridge for a changing climate: water, health, disease (programme- brochure)

Organizer: The Global Environmental Change and Human Health (GECHH); United Nations University Institute for Water, Environment and Health (UNU-INWEH)

Venue: Nicolae Balcescu Hall



Thursday, 25 November
13.15- 14.45


Needs and Ways of Financing Public Participation under the Protocol on Water and Health – linking with EU policy and Aarhus convention

Organizer: Women in Europe for Common Future, (WECF) and European Eco-Forum

Venue: Nicolae Balcescu Hall