Launch of the National Policy Dialogue (NPD): 2007, relaunch in 2016 under the EUWI+

NPD Chair and strategic partners: Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources, State Agency of Water Resources

Donors: European Union through the EUWI+ programme and previous EUWI phases

Current priority areas for UNECE support under the EUWI+ programme until 2020:

  • Development of a National Water Policy Paper and Strategy (OECD-led)
  • Revision of national targets and preparation of a new implementation plan for the UNECE-WHO/Europe Protocol on Water and Health and support to reporting under the Protocol
  • Support to drafting a water and sanitation chapter for the National Water Strategy
  • Development of transboundary cooperation on sustainable management of water resources and support to Ukraine’s engagement under the ICPDR

Key achievements:

  • In 2019, under the EUWI+, UNECE provided methodological support to the preparation of the National Summary Report of Ukraine under the Protocol on Water and Health, the English version is available here.
  • Revised targets under the Protocol on Water and Health were finalized in early 2019 and submitted for adoption.
  • A bilateral treaty on the transboundary Dniester river was signed with Moldova in 2012 and later ratified by the Parliament. The bilateral Moldovan-Ukrainian Dniester Commission was established in 2018 and holds regular meetings.
  • Original national targets were drafted and adopted in 2011 under the UNECE-WHO/Europe Protocol on Water and Health with reference to the work in other EECCA countries.
  • In 2009, the State Programme on Water Sector Development up to 2020 was adopted. This addresses climate change adaptation issues, and the implementation of river basin management principles. The NPD contributed to a strengthened legal, institutional and managerial framework that helps to cope with climate change.
  • The State Programme on Flood Protection in the basins of the rivers Dniester, Prut and Seret was prepared and adopted in 2008. A bilateral agreement was signed with Moldova on water cooperation.



The 2nd NPD Steering Committee (28 November 2017)

The 1st NPD Steering Committee (28 March 2017)

Steering Committee Meeting in Ukraine  (10 - 11 November 2010)

The 3rd Steering Committee meeting in Ukraine  (29 October 2009)

The 2nd meeting under "Dniester III" Project  (15 - 16 October 2009)