In Ukraine, the dialogue process on IWRM started in late 2007. A first policy package, approved by the Steering Committee in 2008, was a plan to achieve sustainable water management, safe drinking water and adequate sanitation under the Protocol on Water and Health. The plan was implemented in 2009– 2010 with financial support from Norway and in-kind contributions from Israel. The NPD on IWRM also focused on strengthening  the legal and institutional framework for water management with a view to tackling the impacts of climate change.

Two  policy packages were developed within the NPD on IWRM, namely (a) a draft concept on adaptation of water policy  in Ukraine to climate change, based on the Water Convention’s  Guidance on Water and Adaptation to Climate Change;  and (b) terms of reference for the future project on climate change impacts on water resources in the Dniester River Basin.  In addition, a proposal has been submitted to the Ministry of Economy on harmonization of national legislation with the EU Floods Directive. These policy packages facilitated the development of a pilot project on reducing vulnerability to extreme  floods and climate change in the Dniester Basin, which is now implemented under the framework of ENVSEC by UNECE, OSCE and the United Nations Environment Programme.

OECD launched an NPD on WSS in Ukraine in 2009, with the Ministry of Regional Development, Construction and Housing and Communal Services of Ukraine as a leading  partner. OECD supported the development of a road map of reforms to create a legal and institutional context that supports inter municipal  cooperation in the water sector. A pilot project on alternative options as regards the appropriate scale and scope of WSS systems was implemented in two regions (Cherkassy and Kyiv) in 2011. Further work is being considered on the incentives that can promote inter-municipal cooperation for WSS in Ukraine. This work is relevant for most countries in Eastern Europe, the Caucasus and Central Asia and there are opportunities for replication.

In 2012, OECD extended activities in Ukraine to water resources management and launched a project on strengthening  the  economic and financial dimensions of water resources management of the Kalmius River Basin (Donetsk region) and development of a sustainable business model for the Kalmius basin council.


Steering Committee Meeting in Ukraine  (10 - 11 November 2010)

The third Steering Committee meeting in Ukraine  (29 October 2009)

The Second meeting under "Dniester III" Project  (15 - 16 October 2009)