The NPD in Armenia was initiated in 2006. It facilitates implementation of the IWRM principles in the national legislative and  institutional  frameworks. In 2010, UNECE and OECD established  a joint NPD on IWRM with one Steering Committee, which allows more synergies and better coordination of activities.  Within the dialogue, a programme of water management measures was developed for the Marmarik River Basin. The NPD on IWRM has also focused on economic instruments and financing of water management; OECD organized activities on IWRM financing in the Marmarik River Basin and completed similar activities in the Debed River Basin in 2012. This work, financed by the Government of Finland, focused on the assessment  of the sustainability of water management in the river basins and the status and opportunities for the use of economic instruments for water management. A pilot project on payments for ecosystem services in the Razdan River Basin  was implemented in 2010–2011 with the support from the Government of Switzerland through UNECE.

In 2009, a project proposal for an “Action plan on improving health in Armenia through target setting to ensure sustainable water management, access to safe water and adequate sanitation”  was elaborated. This project supporting the implementation of the Protocol on Water and Health started in the end of  2012 with support from Finland.

A  policy brief, “Summary of results and lessons learned from the implementation of the Armenian NPD on IWRM” was published  by UNECE in 2010. Plans for the continuation of the NPD on IWRM include the economic and financial dimension of IWRM and pilot projects to support further implementation of IWRM principles in Armenia.

Statement on Common Understanding of the State Water Committee and the Ministry of Nature Protection of Armenia and the December 2006 EU Water Initiative Mission on National Policy Dialogue on Water-Related Issues in Armenia.



The thirteenth NPD Steering Committee (16 December 2014)

The twelfth NPD Steering Committee (6 May 2014)

The eleventh NPD Steering Committee meeting (12 December 2013)

The tenth NPD Steering Committee meeting (26 September 2013)

The ninth NPD Steering Committee meeting (12 December 2012)

The eighth NPD Steering Committee (11 April 2012)

The seventh Steering Committee (08 - 09 December 2011)

The sixth Steering Committee meeting (25 February 2011)

Steering Committee meeting (02 - 03 June 2010)

The first Steering Committee meeting on financing IWRM  (04 March 2010)

The third Steering Committee meeting (10 December 2009)

Documents and Publications

Outcomes of the UNECE-FinWaterWei project on the setting of targets and target dates under the Protocol on Water and Health in Armenia

Introduction of Payment for Ecosystem Services schemes in Upper Hrazdan Pilot River Basin of Armenia (October 2011)

Summary of results and lessons learned from the implementation of the Armenian NPD on IWRM (November 2010) in English and Russian (на русском)  

Desired Conditions for Water Uses and Functions in the Marmarik River Basin, and Identification of Measures to Achieve the Desired Conditions (October, 2008)

Baseline conditions and pressures on for IWRM in the Marmarik River basin of Armenia (2007) in English and in Russian (на русском)