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Further development of regional cooperation among the countries of Central Asia in the management of information on the environment and water resources

9 - 10 June 2014

Almaty, Kazakhstan

The workshop "Further development of regional cooperation among the countries of Central Asia in the management of information on the environment and water resources" took place 9-10 June 2014 in Almaty. It was organised in the framework of the Program "Regional dialogue and cooperation on water resources management in Central Asia" financed by the German Federal Foreign Office through GIZ.

The Workshop presentations and discussions had a specific focus on the role of regional organizations in information management now and in the future, including their institutional and legal strengthening. The workshop drew conclusions on environmental information, identified shortcomings and needs, and discussed the fundamental principles that need to be respected when developing a unified regional information space.

Programme PDFPDF
Concept NotePDFPDF
Information noticePDF
Summary of the meetingPDFPDF
First session
Strengths and weaknesses of national and regional management of environmental, water and hydro-meteorological information; opportunities for complementarity and synergy
Svetlana Shivareva, RCH: Survey on improving information service in the water sector of Central Asia” from 2011: updated findings and recommendations PDF
Viktor Dukhovny, SIC ICWC: Regional Working Group Meeting on Information Management – conclusions and recommendations PDF
Second session
Information needs for environment protection and sustainable development
Aizada Barieva, State Agency for Environment Protection and Forestry, Kyrgyzstan: The national perspectivePDF
Alexey Kobzev, CAREC: Environmental Information and Knowledge Development and Management in Central AsiaPDF
Viktor Novikov, Zoi Environmental Network: Integrating environmental data flows for regional information exchange and assessment: a vision of the EU FLERMONECA projectPDF
Sylvie Motard, UNEP:  The global environment knowledge management tool UNEP Live and its application at regional and sub-regional levelsPDF
Bo Libert, UNECE: Selection of sustainability and environmental indicatorsPDF
Third session
Information needs for integrated water resources management
Malika Babadzhanova, ICWC Secretariat: Information needs of ICWCPDF
Oleg Makarov, Vodavtomatika: Water monitoring in the Chu and Talas basinPDF
Country representatives on national needsPDF
Fourth session
Outlining the structure and scope of a unified regional information space
Manon Cassara, World Bank: New projects contributing to the regional information supply PDF
Cholpon Dordoyeva, GIZ:  K-link. Linking, sharing and managing knowledge on climate changePDF
Paul Haener, International Office for Water: Support to national and transboundary data management on the Chu basin in the framework of the SDC/ IMoMO activitiesPDF
Iskander Beglov, SIC ICWC: Expansion of the regional information spacePDF
Djalil Buzrukov, SIC ICSD Tajikistan Branch,  Baurzhan Taldykbaev, SIC ICSD Kazakhstan Branch: Needs and opportunities for SIC ICSDPDF
Fifth session
Fundamental principles, legal and institutional frameworks for a modern regional information space
Olga Suvorova, Ministry of Environment and Water Resources, Kazakhstan: National level legal framework and institutionsPDF
Adriana Gheorghe, European Environment Agency, and Rustam Arstanov, CAREC: Principles of a Shared Environmental Information System and conditions for their application in Central Asia



Viktor Dukhovny, SIC ICWC: Legal aspects of the information framework for water resources managementPDF
Djalil Buzrukov,  SIC ICSD Tajikistan Branch: The role of SIC ICSD PDF