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Joint seminar on land use planning around hazardous industrial sites

11 - 12 November 2010

The Hague (the Netherlands)

Document Title ENG RUS
Report -
Provisional Agenda
Document Title ENG FRA RUS
Basic Principles of Major Accident Prevention - Berhard Gay PDF  -PDF
Land use planning and its objectives: How to take risk into account in land use planning - Frans Timmerman PDF  -PDF
Building understanding between operators of hazardous activities and competent authorities - experience of Slovenia - Jasmina Karba PDF  -PDF
Risk management in process industry - practical approach in Poland - Andrzej Kozak   -PDF
Land use planning: the perspective of planning authorities in Switzerland - Dr. Thomas Noack   -PDF
Presentation from Shell - Annemarie van der Rest PDF  -PDF
Land-use planning around production facility PKN ORLEN S.A. in Plock - Michal Graczyk PDF  -PDF
Planning through Negotiation: Issues and case studies - Pauline Nash PDF  -PDF
Regulation of land-use planning practices around hazard storage tank facilities: the example of Geneva - Alberto Susini PDF  -PDF
Considering industrial risks in land-use planning in Germany - Thomas Hackbusch PDF  -PDF
Spatial Safety Reports: Flemish government Environment, Nature and Energy Department Safety Report Division - Marc Bogaert PDF  -PDF
Role of different stakeholders in ensuring safety - Alexander MoskalenkoPDF  -PDF
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