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Framework programme on PRTR capacity-building ENG

At the first meeting of the Working Group (16-18 February 2004), the secretariat had presented an informal paper on "Needs and prospects for capacity building, technical support and information exchange in PRTR development". It outlined a proposal for a framework programme on regional, subregional and national PRTR capacity-building which had been developed in consultation with UNEP and UNITAR.

The Working Group welcomed the efforts these organizations were making to coordinate their PRTR work and invited them to cooperate with the Regional Environmental Center for Central and Eastern Europe (REC) and other interested organizations. The capacity-building partners further refined and further developed the framework proposal following the meeting.

Invitation to Donors

At the third meeting of the Working Group (13-15 May), the secretariat presented an invitation to donors requesting support for the PRTR capacity building framework proposal. The invitation was revised and accepted by the Working Group, as presented in the table below.

Capacity building framework proposal - Invitation to donors

Invitation to donors (revised May 2006)


Capacity-building framework proposal