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24 OctoberIceland Ratifies the Aarhus Convention



6 October New treaty on pollutants enters into force on 8 October ENG FRE
17 July New International treaty requires industries to report on pollutants ENG
2008 - Third meeting of the Parties, 11-13 June 2008
13 June Aarhus Parties commit to strengthening environmental democracy in the UNECE region and beyond ENG
10 June Parties to the world’s most far-reaching treaty on public participation and environmental rights meet in Latvia
11-13 June 2008 ENG
30 May Environmental Democracy Treaty to Celebrate 10th Anniversary, 11-13 June 2008 ENG
21 May UN Commissions promote the Information Society - From Declaration to Implementation ENG
21 May Managing the environmental footprint of the Information Society ENG
18 Jan Aarhus membership climbs to forty: Germany to become 40th Party to environmental rights treaty ENG
3 March European Community ratifies pollutant right-to-know treaty ENG
18 Oct Geneva International Academic Network Finances a Joint UNECE / University of Geneva Environment Research Team ENG
27 May Environmental rights treaty body pushes forward environmental democracy agenda ENG
26 May Parties adopt amendment on public participation in decision-making on genetically modified organisms ENG
24 May Parties to the Convention hold second meeting (Almaty, Kazakhstan, 25-27 May 2005) ENG
25 Feb Aarhus Convention ratified by the European Community - Four EU member States also to become Parties to environmental rights treaty ENG
7 Sept Finland has become the latest country to ratify the Aarhus Convention. Following on the heels of ratifications by the Czech Republic and Slovenia, this brings the total number of Parties to the Convention to thirty ENG
13 July A new “environmental democracy” clearing house – aarhusclearinghouse.unece.org – is being launched by the UNECE ENG
23 June UNECE hosts side-event on PRTR at European Environment and Health Ministers Conference in Budapest ENG
14 May Green groups challenge governments over compliance with treaty obligations ENG
10 Dec Environmental democracy discussed at the World Summit on the Information Society ENG
31 Oct UNECE Aarhus Convention takes hold in the European Union ENG
23 May More Signatories to the new UNECE Protocols as Fifth Ministerial Conference "Environment for Europe" wraps up in Kiev ENG
21 May 34 countries sign new Protocol on Pollutant Release and Transfer Registers ENG
21 May New United Nations treaty on pollution information disclosure to be adopted and signed today ENG
20 March Public to play a role in enforcing international law ENG
31 Jan Governements reach agreement on new United Nations Treaty on pollution information disclosure (Русский) ENG RUS
29 Nov New right-to know treaty on pollution takes shape ENG
21 Oct First Meeting of the Parties to the Aarhus Convention - Opening remarks by Mrs. Brigita Schmognerova, Executive Secretary, UNECE ENG
18 Oct Governments and Environmentalists gather at launch of United Nations Convention on Environmental Democracy ENG
27 Aug UNECE holds side-event on participatory democracy and good governance at World Summit on Sustainable Development ENG
26 Aug Side event at the World Summit on Sustainable Development: Participatory democracy and good governance as fundamental tools for a human rights approach to sustainable development ENG
29 Oct Environmental rights not a luxury - Aarhus Convention enters into force ENG
9 Aug Aarhus Convention starts count-down to entry into force ENG
6 July Governments, industry and environmental groups debate transparency in new chemicals law ENG
16 March Environmental rights Convention embraces electronic information age ENG
28 Feb Negotiations on new information law on pollution start today ENG

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