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Seventh Meeting of the Electronic Information Tools Task Force

11 - 12 December 2008

Geneva, Switzerland


The 7th meeting of the task force took place on 11–12 December 2008 in Geneva. Experts reviewed the new mandate of the Task Force adopted by the Parties at its third meeting (decision II/3) and discussed activities in support of the 2009–2011 work programme.

The meeting featured a Forum on Information Clearinghouses on 11 December 2008. The Forum examined four models for developing national nodes of the Aarhus Clearinghouse Mechanism. It also called for strengthening cooperation with the Aarhus Public Environmental Information Centers being developed through the support of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) in Eastern Europe, the Caucasus and Central Asia and, in South East Europe, in Albania.

To further the exchange of information of good practices and promote the application of electronic information tools, the meeting agreed to continue the programme of capacity-building workshops initiated under the previous work programme. It was suggested that two events be organized in the Baltic Republic and South East Europe during the 2009–2011 triennium.

The Bureau of the Task Force presented two certificates gratefully acknowledging the contributions of the Aarhus Centre Georgia as "Best National Node 2008" and the European ECO Forum as "Best Information Node 2008" of the Aarhus Clearinghouse Mechanism.

Documents for the seventh meeting:
Document Title ENG FRE RUS
Provisional annotated agenda PDF    
Final programme of the Forum on Information Clearinghouses PDF  
Report of the seventh meeting of the Task Force on Electronic Information Tools ECE/MP.PP/WG.1/2009/4 PDF PDF PDF
Addendum to the Report of Task Force on Electronic Information Tools (Questionnaire on implementation of decision II/3)
Addendum to the Report of Task Force on Electronic Information Tools (Summary of Responses to Questionnaire) ECE/MP.PP/WG.1/2007/L.3/Add.2 PDF PDF PDF
Decision III/2 on electronic information tools and the clearinghouse mechanism
List of Participants PDF    

Informal documents

Document Title ENG FRE RUS
EC note on proposed collaboration between the Aarhus Clearinghouse and eEnvironment Newsletter PDF    
Uzbekistan response to the Questionnaire on implementation of decision II/3     PDF

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