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ACCC/C/2012/67 Denmark

DocumentStatusDate received or posted by the secretariat
Datasheet ACCC/C/2012/67Latest datasheet on the status of the communication14.05.2013
Determination on admissibilityAt CC-3630.03.2012
Communication From the communicant23.02.2012

Annex 1  Consultation responses to the draft river basin management plans (Dk) (En)

Annex 2 Guidance regarding supplementary consultation (Dk) (En)

Annex 3  Letter from the Danish Nature Agency of 6 December 2012 (Dk) (En)

Annex 4 Letter from the Danish Nature Agency of 16 January 2012 (Dk)

Annex 5 Letter regarding availability of the consultation material (Dk) (En)

Annex 6 Memorandum regarding data material to be used in supplementary consultations (Dk) (En)

Annex 7 Comments from the Municipality of Kolding (Dk) (En)

From the communicant23.02.2012
Letters to the Party concerned, the communicant and questions from the CommitteeFrom the secretariat08.05.2012

Response from the communicant

Annex 1. Excerpt from the Consolidated Law on
environmental objectives for water bodies and
international nature protection areas

From the communicant21.09.2012
Motion for suspension  of the caseFrom the Party concerned08.10.2012
Correspondence regarding the extension of the deadline for the Party concerned to respondFrom the secretariat12.10.2012
Request for further extension of the deadline to respondFrom the Party09.11.2012

Response concerning the extension/suspension
Annex 1
Annex 2
Annex 3
Annex 4
Annex 5
Annex 6
Annex 7
Annex 8
Annex 9
Annex 10
Annex 11
Annex 12
Annex 13
Annex 14
Annex 15

From the communicant27.11.2012
Letter and Annex (decision of the Nature and Environmental Board of Appeal in Dk)From the Party concerned10.12.2012
LetterFrom the communicant                    20.12.2012
Letter to parties after CC-39From the secretariat14.01.2013
Letter on suspension of the caseFrom the communicant06.02.2013

Letter to close the case

Annex (decision of the Environmental Board of Appeal)

From the Party concerned08.02.2013
Letter to partiesFrom the secretariat22.04.2013