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ACCC/C/2011/58 Bulgaria

 DocumentStatusDate received or posted by the secretariat
Datasheet ACCC/C/2011/58 (Bulgaria)Latest datasheet on the status of the communication 04.02.2013
Determination on admissibilityAt CC-3101.04.2011
CommunicationCommunication ACCC/C/2011/5801.04.2011
Annex 1 01.04.2011
Annex 2 01.04.2011
Annex 3 01.04.2011
Annex 4 01.04.2011
Annex 5 01.04.2011
Annex 6 01.04.2011
Annex 7 01.04.2011
Annex 8 01.04.2011
 Annex 9 01.04.2011
Annex 10 01.04.2011
Annex 11 01.04.2011
Letter to the Party concerned forwarding the communicationFrom the secretariat01.04.2011
Letter to the communicantFrom the secretariat01.04.2011
Response from the Party concernedFrom the Party concerned18.08.2011
Response from the communicantFrom the communicant28.09.2011
Invitation to the Party and to the communicant for the discussion of the communication at CC-35: list of questions to guide the discussionFrom the secretariat10.11.2011
Response by the Party concerned to Committee's questionsFrom the Party concerned09.12.2011
Handout responding to the Committee's questions of 10.11.2011 during the discussion at CC-35From the communicant13.12.2011
Letter to the PartyFrom the secretariat02.02.2012
Letter to the communicantFrom the secretariat02.02.2012
Communicant's written response to Compliance Committee's questions to guide discussion at CC35Letter from the communicant10.01.2012

Annex 1

Environmental Protection Act (unofficial English translation)

Annex 2

Spatial Development Act (unofficial English translation)

Annex 3

SEA Decision No. BA-5/2011 of the Varna RIEW

Annex 4

SEA Decision No. БC-6-1/2011 of the Burgas RIEW

Annex 5

SEA Decision No. БC-11-2/2011 of the Burgas RIEW

Annex 6

Comprehensive list of the village projects authorized by SEA decision only

Information after CC-35From the Party concerned29.02.2012

Answers to the questions

Supporting documents (archive)

From the communicant06.03.2012
Draft findings and letters to the Party concerned and to the communicantFrom the secretariat 24.08.2012
Comments on draft findings, Annex 1 and Annex 2    From the communicant21.09.2012
Findings and letter to the partiesFrom the secretariat 04.10.2012
Findings (En Fr Rus)From the secretariat11.01.2013
Letter on follow-up with the recommendationsFrom the secretariat15.07.2013
UpdateFrom the Party concerned16.09.2013

Progress report


From the Party concerned19.09.2013

Comments on Party's progress and annex

Annex 1  NGO proposals for amendment to SDA

Annex 2  Supreme Administrative Court Ruling 6851/2013

Annex 3  Supreme Administrative Court Ruling 11242/2013

Annex 4  Supreme Administrative Court Ruling 9482/2013

From the communicant19.09.2013
Draft report by the Compliance Committee to the Meeting of the Parties
on the implementation of the findings and recommendations in ACCC/C/2011/58
 and letters to the Party concerned and communicant 
From the secretariat18.11.2013
Report by the Compliance Committee to the Meeting of the Parties
on the implementation of the findings and recommendations in ACCC/C/2011/58 (ECE/MP.PP/2014/13)
From the Committee20.12.2013