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ACCC/C/2010/54 European Union

DocumentStatusDate received or posted by the secretariat
Datasheet ACCC/C/2010/54 (European Union)Latest datasheet on the status of the communication 04.02.2013
Determination on admissibilityAt CC-3009.02.2011
CommunicationCommunication ACCC/C/2010/5415.10.2010
Annex 1 - European Commission decision on state aid (Ireland) (25.09.2007)Annex to communication15.10.2010
Annex 2 - Environmental information
Annex 2a - Appeal to the Commissioner for Environmental Information
Annex 2b - Clarification (relating to DCENR) to the Commissioner for Environmental Information (20.03.2010)
Annex 2c - Clarificiation (relating to IDA) to the Commissioner for Environmental Information (25.02.2010)
Annex 2d - Clarification (relating to Eirgrid) to the Commissioner for Environmental Information (11.03.2010)
Annex 2e - FOI request (10.10.2010)
Annex to communication15.10.2010
Annex 3 - EU Ombudsman
Annex 3a - Letter from the Ombudsman (23.04.2010) and Book titled "Bringing the Irish Administration to Heel"
Annex 3b - Complaint to the EU Ombudsman (09.05.2010)
Annex 3c - Letter from the EU Ombudsman to the European Commission (29.10.2010) and cover letter informing the communicant.
Annex to communication15.10.2010
Annex 4 - Correspondence with
European Commission
Annex 4a - Email exchange with DG Env (starting 31.08.2010) requesting a meeting
Annex 4b - Letter attached to the email of 31.08.2010
Annex 4c - Proposed agenda for a meeting with the Commission
Annex 4d - Reply from DG Energy about statements made by the EU Commissioner
Annex 4e - Eirgrid statements on wind
Annex 4f - Email to Commission on decision on appeal relating to renewable energy
Annex to communication15.10.2010
Letter to the the Party concerned forwarding the communicationFrom the secretariat28.01.2011
Letter to the communicant and questionsFrom the secretariat28.01.2011
Response from the communicant on Committee's questions

Non-technical summary

Technical Annexes (1-17) - zip archive
From the communicant21.06.2011
Response from the Party concerned (and cover letter)

ANNEX I (Email correspondence relating to complaints by the communicant before the EU institutions and bodies)

From the Party concerned28.06.2011
ANNEX II (cover): Email of 26 May 2011 sent to the Commission from an official of Ireland's Department of Environment and Local Government with
Appendix 1(list of Wind Turbine Cases with an EIS 1999-present) and
Appendix 2(list of Wind Turbine Cases without EIS 1999-present)
Letter on how to follow up

From the Party concerned

Letter from the communicant (reaction to the EU letter of 20.07.2011) and AnnexFrom the communicant07.08.2011
Invitation to the Party and to the communicant for the discussion of the communication at CC-34From the secretariat16.08.2011

Letter of the communicant with the annexes:

Annex 1 - High Court decision summary

Annex 2 - Reply from DCENR

From the communicant 07.09.2011

Presentation at CC-34

Response - by sections

From the communicant21.09.2011
Letter from the EU OmbudsmanFrom the communicant22.09.2011
Opening statement at CC-34From the Party concerned26. 09.2011
Letter from the EU OmbudsmanFrom the communicant28.09.2011
Letter to the parties after CC-34From the secretariat13.10.2011

Response to the Committee's questions:

the Cover letter and the Answers

From the Party concerned10.11.2011
Response of the communicantFrom the communicant14.11.2011
Email with further clarificationsFrom the communicant10.01.2012
Letter from the Irish Administration to the European CommissionFrom the communicant10.01.2012
Note on Communication ACCC/C/2011/54From the communicant10.01.2012
Email regarding recent developmentsFrom the communicant29.01.2012

Email with additional information
Annex 1 - Environmental information
Annex 2 - Community Guidelines for State Aid for Environmental Protection
Annex 3 - Reply to the request for methodology

From the communicant13.03.2012

 Draft findings

Letter to the Party

Letter to the communicant

From the secretariat04.05.2012
Comments on the draft findingsFrom the communicant27.05.2012
Comments on the draft findings (cover letter)From the Party concerned29.05.2012
Additional commentFrom the communicant05.06.2012
Findings (advance unedited copy) and letter to the parties    From the secretariat16.08.2012
Findings En Fr RuFrom the secretariat02.10.2012
Findings corrigendum En Fr RuFrom the secretariat14.11.2012
Letter on follow-up with the recommendationsFrom the secretariat15.07.2013
Email informing about following up with the CC recommendationsFrom the Party concerned1.08.2013
Information (email)From the communicant23.08.2013
Email enclosing letters sent to EU member StatesFrom the Party concerned17.10.2013
Draft report by the Compliance Committee to the Meeting of the Parties
on the implementation of the findings and recommendations in ACCC/C/2010/54
 and letters to the Party concerned and communicant
From the secretariat18.11.2013
Comments from the communicant on the draft report of the Compliance CommitteeFrom the communicant06.12.2013