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ACCC/C/2017/154 Poland

DocumentsStatusDate received or 
posted by the secretariat
From the communicant14.11.2017
Letters to the Party concerned and the communicant enclosing Committee's determination of preliminary admissibility and forwarding the communication for the Party concerned's responseFrom the secretariat22.03.2018
Response to the communication
Annex I - legislation on right to participate in preparation of strategic environmental assessment
Annex II - legislation on right to submit complaints under article 221 of the Code of Administrative Procedure
Annex III - legislation on right to appeal environmental conditions for projects requiring environmental impact assessment
Annex IV - Forest Management Plan Instruction 2011
From the Party concerned22.08.2018
Letter seeking the parties’ views on whether they consider there are reasons for not considering communications ACCC/C/2016/151, ACCC/C/2017/154 and ACCC/C/2018/158 jointlyFrom the secretariat21.06.2019
Letter regarding whether there are reasons for not considering communications ACCC/C/2016/151, ACCC/C/2017/154, and ACCC/C/2018/158 jointlyFrom the Party concerned18.07.2019
Letter regarding joinder of ACCC/C/2016/151, ACCC/C/2017/154 and ACCC/C/2018/158From the communicant21.07.2019 (dated 18.07.2019)