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Working Group on Strategies and Review, Forty-ninth session

12 - 16 September 2011

Geneva, Switzerland

Session documents (in pdf format) are ordered by document symbols. They will be available in English (ENG), French (FRE) and Russian (RUS). Selected document files are provided by the UN Official Document System (ODS) database (note, that it may be slow at times). All documents open in a new window ().
Document TitleENGFRERUS
Annotated Provisional Agenda (WGSR, 49th session)
Report of the 49th session
Options for revising the Gothenburg Protocol

Draft revised annex I (Critical loads)

Draft revised annex IV (Sulpur from stationary sources)
Draft revised annex V (NOx from stationary sources)
Draft revised annex VI (VOC from stationary sources)
Draft revised annex VII (Time scales)
Draft revised annex VIII (mobile sources)
Draft annex X (Dust/Particles)
Draft annex XI (VOC content of products)
Reactive Nitrogen (Report of the Task Force)ECE/EB.AIR/WG.5/2011/16
Techno-economic issues (Report of the Expert Group) ECE/EB.AIR/WG.5/2011/17
Integrated assessment modelling (Report of the Task Force)
Options for revising the Protocol on Heavy Metals ECE/EB.AIR/WG.5/2011/19
Other official documents

Draft workplan 2012 - 2013


Forty-eighth session

Document TitleENGRUS

The Chairman letter

No. 1_Task Force on Integrated Assessment Modelling: Chairs report

No. 2_CIAM report on cost effective emission reductions

No. 3_TFEIP report on flexibility mechanisms under the Gothenburg protocol

No. 4_ EURELECTRIC recommendations for the revision of the Gothenburg protocolPDF
No. 5_CIAM report 4.2011PDF
No. 6_Scrutinizing the options to revise the 1999 Gothenburg protocol_Johan SliggersPDF
No. 7_Discussion paper_ammonia_model strategy for EECCA_BelarusPDFPDF
No. 8_Discussion paper_PM_model strategy for EECCA_BelarusPDFPDF
No. 9_Gothenburg_EUROMOT positionPDF
No. 10_Dual Fuel Engine_EUROMOTPDF
No. 11_European Nitrogen AssessmentPDF
No. 12_CBA report 2011 produced by AEAPDF
No. 13_ Cover letter-LRTAP submission_CanadaPDF
No. 14_ Canadian Addendum for trifluralinPDF
No. 15_AnnexIII version_no track changesPDF
No. 16_AnnexIII version_track changesPDF
No. 17_EGTEI cost stationary enginesPDF
No. 18_EGTEI cost refineriesPDF
No. 19_EECCA Action plan_suggestionsWORDWORD
No. 20_Draft Guidance document on Nitrogen BudgetsPDF
No. 21_Draft guidance doc for preventing and abating ammonia emissions from Agricultural sourcesPDF
No. 22_EU informal doc on new and existing stationary sourcesPDF
No. 23_Informal doc on flexibility mechanism_finalPDF
No. 24_Emission reductions optionPDF
Document TitlePDF
1_US Gothenburg RevisionsPDF
2_Updated scenarious for negotiations on the revision of Gothenburg Protocol_M. AmannPDF
3_Gothenburg Protocol_technical annexes_EU provisional analysisPDF
4_Task Force on Integrated Assessment ModellingPDF
5_Draft amended Annex II to the 1999 Gothenburg protocolPDF
6_Flexibility mechanisms:summary of proposed optionsPDF
7_Gothenburg protocol: new and existing stationary sourcesPDF
8_Simplification TA overviewPDF
9_Draft proposal for a guidance doc: annex III_Katja KrausPDF
10_European Nitrogen Assessment annex IX_Co-Chairs_ TFRNPDF



Document Title
Conference Registration formPDF
ECE Practical Information for Participants