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Workshop to Promote the Ratification of the Protocols on Heavy Metals POPs and the Gothenburg Protocol across the Entire UNECE region

26 - 28 October 2009

St Petersburg, Russia



Presentations and abstracts

The Convention and its Protocols - Framework and requirements, recent progress, capacity-building activities_
Tea Aulavuo, Secretariat of the Convention

Capacity-building activities to promote the ratification of the Protocols on HMs, POPs, and the Gothenburg protocol across the entire UNECE region_Lukasz Wyrowski

Progress in the evaluation of atmospheric pollution levels of HM and POPs in the EECCA countries_ ENG RUS
(Ilya Ilin, MSC-East)

Establishing and improving a monitoring network in the EECCA region (CCC)

Emission inventories: requirements, estimations, and tools (steps to build up inventories, harmonisation of Kyoto and UNECE, Kevin Hausmann, Germany)

Critical loads and their exceedances, calculation methods and results with focus on EECCA countries (Jean-Paul Hettelingh, Netherlands and Gudrun Schutze, Germany)

Air quality governance - a planned environment project of the EU commission - activities and aims_ ENG RUS (Vladislaw Bizek, Czech Republic, consultant for the EU Comission)

Recent steps taken by countries on their way to ratifications; presentations by SEE experts:

Continue with agenda item 11; presentations by EECCA experts

The HM Protocol_ ENG RUS (status and latest developments, Katja Kraus, Germany)

The POP Protocol (status and latest developments, Andre Peeters Weem, Netherlands)

The Gothenburg Protocol and the history of EGTEI

Emerging technologies/techniques for LCPs upto 2030 (Pierre Kerdoncuff)

Putting the Protocols into practice - Application of best available techniques in the cement industry (Sebastian Plickert, Germany)

Technical report on sources in the metallurgical sector (BREF and UNECE guidance document with focus on latest technical developments, Emmanuel Fiani, France)

Implementation and ratification of Protocols_ENG RUS Draft NAP ENG RUS (Johan Sliggers)