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Convention on Long-range Transboundary Air Pollution

Track A
Dicofol Lead Reviewer's summary

Endosulfan Lead Reviewer's summary (revised)

HBCD Lead Reviewer's summary

PCP Lead Reviewer's summary

Trifluralin Lead Reviewer's summary

Track B
Draft Summary

Other Material

Additional information from the EMEP Meteorological Synthesizing Centre-East (MSC-East)on the potential of long-range transboundary atmospheric transport and the overall persistence of HBCDD, Pentachlorophenol, Trifloralin, Dicofol and Endosulfan

Information relevant to the technical review of dossiers of endosulfan, trifloralin, pentachlorophenol, dicofol and hexabromocyclododecane requested by the Executive Body at its 26th session, in December 2008

I. Explanation of the process
II. The Peer review
III. Peer reviewer, Nomination Form
IV. Generic guidelines for the technical review of dossiers of new substances that may be proposed by Parties for inclusion into Annexes I, II and III to the Protocol
V. EB decision 1998/2
VI. Tentative abbreaviated 2009 work plan for substance reviews

Proposals and related comments considered by Parties to the Protocol at the twenty-sixth session of the Executive Body (15-19 December 2008)


Risk assessment dossier for Endosulfan
Risk assessment dossier for Trifluralin
Risk assessment dossier for Pentachlorophenol
Risk assessment dossier for Dicofol
Risk assessment dossier for HBCDD

Addenda to the dossiers

Addendum to the Dicofol dossier
Second addendum to the Dicofol dossier
Addendum to the Endosulfan dossier (summary of comments on the dossier)
Addendum to the Pentachlorophonl dossier
Addendum to the HBCDD dossier (summary of comments on the dossier)
Addendum to the Trifluralin dossier (summary of comments on the dossier and additional information)

Comments and additional information related to dossiers

Letter from the US Pentachlorophenol Task Force